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paperclipping 216

Remember the old borders we used to make for the sides of our pages years ago? They were often intricate, time-consuming, and sometimes even a distraction from the photos.

Edge gatherings are similar to borders, but they’re much easier to put together and they’re way cooler.
They’re also not so cumbersome.

What are Edge Gatherings, and What Can They Do for You?

Edge gatherings — layered items on either the top and bottom edges of the page, or along the sides — are organic and free form, so they’re much easier to place on almost any page design without tipping the balance of weight.

So Typical (closeup)

Do Not Eat (closeup)

Design Purpose

But better than that — they have a wonderful design purpose. Edge gatherings will keep the eye circling around the page so it doesn’t easily float off the edge and move onto something else.

I’m assuming you would like people to spend more time looking at your page, of course. Am I right?

If edge gatherings are new to you, give them a try!

Fashion Accessories (closeup)

Snuggly Brothers

Here’s Some Help!

This week’s video tutorial will take you through the process of putting together a few very different edge gatherings for a variety of layouts. You’ll get lots of unique ideas, plus see the general concepts for how to make edge gatherings look — well — edgy.

Or pretty, if that’s what you prefer.

Whatever the style, you’ll see how to make them complement your photos and the rest of your page.

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  • Mikki

    Absolutely love the circles you used for the “snuggly brothers” page, do you have a link to the cut file you used?

  • Sorry Mikki, I don’t. It was part of an online class I signed up for (but didn’t really go through, I admit). It’s a cool cut, though, I agree. There’s got to be something similar in the silhouette store, I’m sure!

  • Martie Rollin

    Love these edge ideas…every page will look different. The collage idea is spreading to all parts of our paper crafting!

  • Karen Grunberg

    yey! i’m all about edge gatherings baby! :)

  • What a fab idea, Noell! Yes, I think we all want everyone to spend more time looking at our pages. Thanks for sharing!

  • BJ

    Love these “edgy” ideas, Noell! And, yet, another great video!

  • Maggie

    I just bought a circular background from the Silhouette store this morning that might work. Here’s a link in case you want to give it a shot. Everything’s still 50% off!

    Sorry Noell — I meant to reply to Mikki! :)

  • Maggie

    I love these edge gatherings and your page examples are gorgeous! Can’t wait to watch this episode.

  • jenn05042005

    I love this idea… it also gives you a place to put a title that doesn’t ‘interfere’ quite so much with the page layout, if you didn’t exactly pre-plan for where to put a title. (not that I’ve ever done that, or anything… lol!!)
    (and I’ve just realized, I could use this idea as a way to use some of that intricate lacy die-cut paper that I buy, but could never figure out how exactly to use!

  • That looks great! Maybe just cut away the straight edge and it’ll be perfect!

  • Oh no, of course we never forget to preplan for titles and journaling, rofl! :)

  • I love all those colorful pages :)
    I’ve noticed your style has changed a lot lately, and I love it too!

  • Dawn

    love this for sure!!!! cannot wait to try it out..lovely lovely!!!! thanks.

  • Thank you! Constantly evolving — that things exciting and interesting. :)

  • Jennifer G.

    Another great video and I absolutely LOVE your layouts. I plan on doing an edge gathering on my LOAD page for today.

  • Irene

    This video couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. I am working on completing a mini album (one I tried to finish with “Play Along”). The photos are adhered at the top of the pages with journaling cards just below, leaving a lot of white space towards the bottom. Watching your video has opened a door and given me so many ideas on how to solve my problem. Because the photos make the pages look top heavy, I can now add a heavy edge border at the bottom to balance out the pages. Thanks for this tutorial, it has saved my sanity LOL.

  • YES! That is awesome!! I’m excited you’ve found a great solution. Thanks for your comment. :)

  • Brilliant! You always have amazing and unique takes on all things scrapbooking. Love it.

  • Hi Noell and Izzy. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate Paperclipping. I’ve been a member for over a year now, mostly to show support to my absolute favorite podcast, but I finally took the time to watch a few videos today. I consider myself a fairly seasoned scrapbooker, but after watching just two videos I grabbed myself a fresh notebook to keep track of all the great concepts shared. I’ll be making more time to watch more of them soon, thanks!