Eat Up Your Leftovers, Part Two – Paperclipping 236

paperclipping 236

This week I took leftovers from collections I purchased a year ago, and made eight brand new homemade kits.

Here are six of those eight…
(Click image, and then click image again for a larger view)

I also made three pages with the pieces I was putting together as I was making those kits.

Why You Should Re-Kit Your Diminishing Scrapbook Collections

Here is why it’s a good idea to disassemble your purchased collections or kits after a while…

  • Having already used many papers you liked from your collections, the papers you like less start to dominate the remaining ones that you do like. This makes you feel uninspired when you look through those collections.
  • The papers you don’t love take up space, compete for your attention, and make you feel guilty.

Why Re-Kitting Will Rock Your Scrapbooking World

Here’s why it’s amazing to pick your favorite papers from among your collections and build your own homemade kits…

  • You have inspiring and exciting coordinated supplies to work with RIGHT NOW!
  • You realize you already own amazing supplies and you won’t desire new stuff nearly as much.
  • You have a clear idea of how many pages you can make before you’ll need to shop for more stuff.
  • If you do want to buy a few new things, you can prioritize what you purchase by looking at what your kits could benefit from.
  • Your gorgeous new kits highlight how uninterested you are in the remaining papers that didn’t make the cut. You realize that you truly do not need those other supplies, and that they are limiting your inspiration.

My 3 Early Birds (closeup)

I’ve been waiting since early January for a few new collections to come available in the stores. I ordered a couple of those collections right before starting my kit project. And now I’m not even interested in opening those new collections because I just want to scrapbook with these beautiful, personalized kits!

Want to make some personalized kits of your own?

While doing my “kitting” this week I made two videos where I shared my process and lots of tips to help you do this, too.

You will not be sorry.

Trust me.

Watch the videos. You will need a membership. CLICK HERE.

Members can find the videos — Eat Up Your Leftovers, Parts One and Two — in the Member’s Area and on iTunes.


Shine On,

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  • Teresa S

    Thank you for another great two videos this month! I am curious as to how you store your new kits once you put them together.

  • Sharon

    I just watched both videos and I think they’re my favorite so far. We are expecting tons of snow this weekend and now I’m glad we are because I have some kits to make.
    Thanks again for such great videos. I am VERY close to having all 236 watched.

  • Kim L.

    I agree; these are my two favorite videos as well. I find them very practical and inspiring. I was wondering if anyone else has noticed with some of the newer lines that Collection Packs are no longer being offered – instead they are offering paper pads with a LARGE amount of paper. I always preferred the collection packs because you got a great sampling of the line without an overwhelming amount of paper. These usually included some type of sticker sheet as well. I’m not sure why these are not readily available like they used to be. Maybe they will make a comeback!
    Thanks Noell for the inspiration to make some kits!

  • Sharon

    Teresa, I too was wondering on how to store them once you get them together. I am currently in my craft room getting started on these kits and I came across a few extra 12×12 page protectors and I think that’s how I’m going to store mine. Just an idea

  • Teri Hartman

    I bet it’s cheaper for the manufacturer to produce more paper and less embellishments, etc. Just a guess. I find I am more in the market for embellishments than I am paper, so this is unfortunate.

  • Becky Pospical

    I love this idea of making kits with supplies I already have, especially when I get down to only a couple papers from a collection. I’ve been meaning to become a member for a while now and this post has made me want to join even more :)

  • Nikki McKenna Johnson

    I prefer the collection packs too. The paper was usually heavier than the paper pads and double sided. I wish we would see more.

  • Nikki McKenna Johnson

    This two part video is my top favorite. Thanks for the inspiration and direction Noell!

  • Some amazing work you’ve shared. I will try to create some card like this one :)

  • A handful of episodes back I showed how I was adding old stuff into my collections. Do you remember that one? In it I showed my setup of Jetmax cubes where I have some cubes that have two shelves and two drawers. Each collection has shelf for the paper and a drawer for the embellishments.

    I’m keeping my larger kits in some of those, since I’ve now cleared out some of my collections. I also have some that have just shelves and I’ll probably put the smaller kits in those (no drawers), or I’ll use my Becky Higgins boxes that pocket pages come in.

    Other options are:
    1) gallon-sized ziplock bags (I think that’s the size that holds 12×12, right?).
    2. Boxes with lids that hold 12×12 – Becky Higgins Pocket Pages boxes, or 12×15 storage boxes from Ikea.
    3) Plastic storage boxes from Michaels.

  • Wow! Congrats on watching just about all of them!

  • Stephanie K

    This post made me renew my membership – I’m now good for a full year. Now, if only the work day was over and I was at home so I could actually watch the videos. I already make new kits from my old kits, but I’m terrible at making kits from stash items. I’m hoping to take some of what I already know, and what I’ll learn about your process to make even more kits from my stash. I’m in a spending freeze challenge of 50 LO’s before I buy anything else, so this is perfect timing.

  • Jenn Lynn

    I saw Noell’s video showing the jetmax cubes and I love that idea for new collections when I buy the collection kit and the… oh 8 packs or so… of embellishments that go with it (haha) – I may have to get those cubes. For now, I just use the large cropper hopper paper storage files and put the embellishment packs in ziplock bags in there.
    For smaller kits that I have been making since watching these two videos, I have been using a product by Cropper Hopper called a Page Planner – it is like their paper file but an extra pocket on the outside that can hold embellishments or scraps of paper. They also make a Page Arranger that has 3 extra outside smaller pockets for those things. Great for small kits. I love pulling together the old with the new to find new inspiration. Just used some new Tim Holtz metal-like letter stickers and arrows on a layout with an older Echo Park Line called Times and Seasons and loved the result! Thanks for the inspiration – totally enjoying the membership!

  • LisaDV

    I love your episode 190 about organizing papers by mood / design principal. And I saw episode 225 about how you store your new collections and add in older stash. But in this week’s episode you also stated that you sort by color too. Obviously new collections I get how that is decided. But when and where and how do you decide between design principal and color sorting? I currently have color and kit separations, but when I first heard of papers by design principals over at get it scrapped I was enamored with the idea and then I saw your video. Well, I’ve been wanting to do that ever since, but sometimes I know I want a certain color. It’s like embellishments – I know I want a label or a circle or a heart…. How do you decide? Help!

  • LisaDv

    2 gallon sized ziplock bags fit the 12×12 easily.

  • vintageplaid

    Love the Radiant Orchid in kit #4!

  • vintageplaid

    The collection packs are still there, but maybe not as many? I have a Basic Grey pack purchased last fall that includes 12 double sided papers, a sheet of alpha stickers and a sheet of cardstock stickers. I also bought a little ephemera pack that coordinates. And I just this month bought a Bobunny collection that has 18 double sided papers and a sheet of cardstock stickers. I added a sheet of chipboard stickers. I agree, I like the collections better than the pads. One of my favorite designers has gone to pads rather than the smaller collection pack. It’s too much paper for me. I will be using it for cards and coordinating envelopes just to use it up. They will be beautiful, though! Barb

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