Eat Up Your Leftovers, Part One – Paperclipping 235

paperclipping 235

Do you end up with kit and collection leftovers?

Either those leftovers don’t work well together, or they’re just not inspiring you any longer — especially when there are new collections hitting stores, like many have been just recently.

With two new collections making an entrance in my scraproom this week, it occurred to me that I need space for them, as I still have plenty of leftovers from the collections I purchased a year ago.

What do you do when when have lots of older stuff, but you’re ready for something new?

Personally, I like to shake them up. I like to do some things that make them feel fresh and new again.

Here are a few ideas…

  • Make your own new coordinated kits with your leftovers.
  • Alter them with color mediums.
  • Crop them to emphasize something different in the pattern.
  • Fussy-cut an icon or image from the pattern.
  • Die-cut them.

I chose leftovers from six different collections that I wanted to tackle this week. My goal is to knock four collections out of their spots in my scraproom, and to make a dent in two of the others. I’m using the methods I listed above and making two different videos to show you how I’m doing it.

The first video focuses on the first option in the list: Make your own new coordinated kits. Not only do I show how I’m doing that in this episode, but I also scrapbook two pages from my new homemade kits. I’ve already released this video to the Paperclipping Members. Members can find it on iTunes or in the Membership Area.

First Dance (closeup)

Smile (closeup)

The next video will be up by Friday and will probably share ideas for all of the strategies above.

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So tell me…

What leftovers do you have that need new spice? Are they from collections or kits? Or just random pieces you purchased that you haven’t felt inspired to use? If you were to use them all over the next couple of weeks, what would you put in their place?

Hopefully the ideas I share in this week’s two videos will inspire you to do just that!

Shine On,

P.S.> Get your membership here to watch the videos! If you do anything with your own leftovers after watching, please shoot some photos, post them with an explanation online somewhere, and then share a link here in the comments!

  • Jenn Lynn

    Just finished watching this video and I am inspired to go shopping in my huge (understatement) stash to create some new kits. I’ve pulled together items before of course, but usually when searching for a specific project. I really like how Noell intentionally pulled together multiple papers and embellishments without a specific project in mind – I totally need to try that. I love how she was so inspired by some of the new kits that she had to scrap with them right away!! Thanks for another great video – looking forward to installment 2!

  • Gabrielle McCann

    What about some colour mediums (inks, sprays, etc) and/or stencils Jenn? Also I love enamel dots … and just by adding them they can make a page full of older stuff seem new again

  • Jenny Riebler-Großmann

    I love the idea of putting toghether your own kit. Especially since I just became a kit lover, because they are so simple and easy. I still have papers from when I started scrapping 10 years ago o.O I think that could be a good solution to finally use them. Thanks for the inspiration, Noell!

  • I usually look at what could round out my collections/kits. You could get neutral items, or you could get stuff specifically for one or more of your new kits. Wood veneer and enamel dots are my favorite. Gabrielle had good ideas for you, too.

  • vintageplaid

    I just started a huge reorganization in my scrap area and am at the point where it’s worse before it’s better. LOL. I have made up kits before but this struck me in a whole new way especially in regard to embellishments and those strips of paper that coordinate which I really don’t want to throw away. I also have a partial collection that needs some attention…repurpose or give away. The videos are the perfect inspiration and I can’t wait to hit the organizing again. Noell, you really hit it out of the park…at least for this organizationally challenged scrapbooker. Thanks!

  • Thank you!

  • Gina

    Excellent video Noell. Thank you for all the great ideas and tips. I love seeing the kit clubs out there but have a lot in my stash so maybe I can make up some of my own. I’ve seen those “Counterfeit Kit Clubs” but they don’t really inspire me. I think it will be fun to try and pull some things together though without a specific project in mind. Thanks for the inspiration.