Do You Have a Scrapbook About Your Home?

It's Ours!

Do you have a scrapbook album that is specifically about your home?

If not, have you ever considered making one?

If not, are you considering it, now that I’ve planted the seed?

If not, why not?

I would love to hear your thoughts! Please leave a comment!

  • Cindy_deRosier

    Love your layout! I don’t have a scrapbook specifically about our home, but I do have one layout. It’s a two-pager with a large photo of the front of the house and smaller pictures of the various rooms. It’s 4 or 5 years old and I’ve been meaning to do an update. Thanks for the inspiration! You can see my layout here:

  • I have plans (including some blueprint scrapbook paper). It also has pockets for the receipts/orders of all the work done, so it will be a scrapbook/record book… but everything is still in the planning stage, but I’m a few decades behind most of my scrapbooking lol

  • Jen

    I do. It’s kind of a Our Home/ Our City book. We recently moved, so I’m looking forward to starting a new book. I’ve been taking a lot of pictures as I unpack and set up the new apartment. I tagged them with “home” in Aperture so once I’m ready to scrap them, I’ll have lots of photos ready.

  • I’d LOVE to do one but the idea of trying to capture it all on film (and in snippets of journaling) makes me want to run in the other direction.

    My husband and I built this home from scratch on a piece of property that has been in my family for almost 50 years (my parents scrimped and saved to buy it when they were young) so it’s very meaningful. And the way we have created a sense of “home” *in* the space and the way our family has grown together within these walls are both things that I think are necessary to capture and articulate, but the scope of trying to jam all that emotion into a few snapshots and some paragraphs of abbreviated thoughts seems incredibly daunting.

  • I love that photo of the street sign (what a great idea!!!) with the ominous sky and the hills behind it. It reminds me of Kansas. Are you in the midwest somewhere? I was thinking you are in AZ because you work for, I think — right?

  • That’s a great idea!

  • I used to be really good about tagging my home pictures, but I haven’t had time for it over the past year. Did you have a plan/structure of some sort for your finished home album, or did you just scrap whatever you felt regarding your home/city and stick it in?

  • Oh, yes, you need to document it! I can tell just in this one paragraph that you have a lot of depth and love in the story of your home. Try taking a bite at a time. Capture all that rich story in small little chunks — a chunk per page, LOL.

  • Cindy_deRosier

    I do work for, but remotely. I’m in California, near Napa. :)

  • I just came home from a trip to Virginia with my mom where we went to visit the neighborhood where she grew up. it was the first time she had been there since they moved away in 1957. It was amazing how many stories she could recall – things like who lived in what house, games they would play, the grouchy old man who would yell at kids to keep out of his yard, etc. I took copious amounts of photos & plan on completing either a layout or a mini-album about this special place in my mom’s memory.

    On this same trip, Mom & I went back to the apartment complex where we lived when I was in preschool. Mom was amazed at how many things I could remember & filled in details that I may have missed. Again I took copious amounts of photos & plan on a layout detailing the experience.

    Former houses are an important part of our history. The house and the stories surrounding the house should be documented!

  • And, then, where to start? :) But that’s a great suggestion. Just start *somewhere* and likely, the rest will flow as it should. Thanks for the encourgement!

  • Jen

    I usually do my tagging while I’m getting things ready for Project Life. I tell myself I can’t start a new week until I’ve at least tagged People and Places for my favorite pictures. It’s extra work, and I probably won’t do it forever, but moving has been a good motivator to start fresh with organizing photos. Somehow facing a week’s worth of pictures was less overwhelming than facing a whole house full of boxes :)

    I pretty much scrapped things as they came to me. We lived in two different places in West Palm, so I’ve done pages about our moves, getting keys to our last apartment, and how I’ve felt about both homes. Some were dictated by Creative Team assignments, but I’m so glad I have those pages now. It’s fun to see the progress, buying new furniture, things like that. I also have an emo page or two about how I felt about “making a home” with my husband, but those are in our relationship album.

    Once the dust settles, I’ll be taking a much more deliberate approach to my Coral Springs book. I love how Shimelle has done her “40 weeks” book with a pocket style page on one side and a regular LO on the other. I want to do something similar, but with photos of our apartment and our favorite places here. Not every picture is going to have a big story, so the pocket pages would be great for that.

    Meanwhile, I’m saying a lot about the move and getting things set up in my PL.

    Our apartment tour

    and a fun one with panorama photos

    So even if it takes a long time to start making my new album, I’ll have lots of documentation from my blog and PL to pull from. I set it up that way purposefully.

  • Jen

    I totally agree with Noell, that’s SO worth documenting. You could almost start with just copying what you said in your initial comment and adding a photo. Or if that’s too daunting to start out with, maybe start with something like a project or improvement you’ve made since you built the house, or if you have photos from the construction, that would make an awesome page. I have a feeling once you start, you’ll come up with a ton of ideas and it will get easier to tell the “bigger” stories, like how your family has grown through the years.

  • Jen

    That’s awesome Beth! That would be such a cool series of LO’s or mini book!

  • That’s a great idea, Jen! Thank you. I feel like this could be a full-time project, though, and it’s sometimes so hard to balance all my scrap-related projects and ideas. I think the main reason I am putting it off is because I don’t want to get behind or make it feel like an obligation or an unfinished project rather than something I’m very invested in.

    Maybe I can start integrating photos and stories into Project Life, one a week…

  • Yes, that’s what I do. I just start with whatever page I feel like and I bounce around.
    I’m not sure if you’re a member or not — if you are then you’ve seen me do this in many different videos. All of my non-Project Life albums these days are themed or “story” albums. I don’t start them with too much of a plan and I don’t assemble them in order. I just start adding layouts that go with the story/theme and put them in. Sometimes I choose a few colors as the dominant colors throughout the album so there is more continuity from page to page, but it’s not rigid. As my album starts filling up, I go through it to make sure I have all the parts and pieces that I want to make sure is there.
    I’ve shown this process with at least two different albums via member videos and today I’m shooting a new video that shows me in the middle of that process with another album.

  • My documentation about my home is all mixed in within my chronological albums. It does sort of take over for a bit the year I bought my house :)

    My friend Amy does a really interesting yearly as-is house tour and documents it in Project Life, which is a pretty awesome way to scrapbook about your home! I think a lot of people are waiting for that thing to be cleaned or that project to be done to document their homes and then never end up doing it, so I love the idea of having a set time to just go around and take photos of things as they are:

  • I do not. Primarily because my husband and I have made a total of 8 moves in 6 years and called 8 different places home….. With that said, I have taken a photo of each apartment we have lived in (and in my hubby’s case, deployment chus) and have made sure to get photos of places we like to eat and places that we frequent often. I have photos of the places in my home town that mean the most to both of us. Haven’t scrapbooked the whole 8 moves and 6 years thing yet, I have been thinking about it for almost a year, and also wondering how long we will be in the current place and then I will have to update the page lol.

  • OOOOH that’s a fun idea! Thanks for sharing that!

  • Beth I so agree with you. I went back to my childhood home and I could not believe it was so small and that we all -7 of us fitted in. We certainly we a close family in every sense of the word.
    In fact thinking about it I have only a couple of tiny photos and I do feel a layout may soon be made.
    My son loves learning about my life as a child…I often journal a lot of the memory on the back….mainly for me and anyone else who may want to read it.
    Beth I am sure your family will love sharing what you create.

  • Megan

    I don’t have an album dedicated to my home, but my mother-in-law does. They redid their last house before they bought the new one and I can understand making an album for that. I do have a couple layouts of the houses we have lived in throughout the years, but to me the house isn’t the important thing. Yes, I am so thankful we have a home, but really, I want to remember the memories had in the home, more than the home. BUT, that being said, I will definitely have layouts in my regular albums about a new house or if we change anything up. (Did that make sense? lol)

  • Yes, it does make sense. I am trying to make an album, not just about the structure and the rooms, but the meaning and the love of it. An album about the stories behind and inside of the home. :)

  • Anne Neaf

    I don’t have one specifically about our home, but I do have ongoing layouts about our many, MANY home improvements that my darling husband is doing. My special, special guy, whom I love dearly, not only knows how to do everything DIY-related, but likes to do it ALL AT ONCE in almost every room of our house! I knew what I signed up for when I married him, but our house will never, ever, EVER be done. Now I’m inspired to do more than just the typical before-during-after of a project, but scrap the little things that Mr. Handyman does that are just typical of daily life, like the tools scattered on our kitchen counter, the dryer lint trap with random – and very clean – hardware surprises, and the piles of construction materials in various places for projects in progress. I’ll get more scrapping done if I forget about about completed projects & just embrace his big-picture visions with the reality of our daily lives in a haze of drywall dust & unfinished rooms. if anything, I’ll get to use my “Caution” washi tape on a lot of pages, and that’s always fun.

  • Susan Manohar

    Noell, I love your layout! Thank you for piquing my interest in making an album of our home. When we moved eight years ago, I took photos of our old house in order to make an album, but I never did. It’s not too late! I think this would be an easy project. Also, I take a lot of photos of our home now that go in my photo-a-day project album. I’ve realized that I really love the photos from my childhood that show the details of our house, yard, etc.

  • Oh gosh — If I were a DIY/handyman, this would be me. Bless you for your patience and understanding!!! :)

  • ShortDrMom

    Years ago I created a Making Memories scrapbook about all the places we have lived based on an idea from Stacy Julian in Simple Scrapbooks. I did a two page spread for every home in which we have lived (I work for the Public Health Service so we have lived in many places – Pennsylvania, Montana, North Carolina, New Mexico, California). My family loves looking back at it! But I have thought about re-doing the album in my more current style. Back then I didn’t put as high a premium on journaling and telling the stories, so I feel like the scrapbook is missing a lot of important information. But the one I have is better than not having one at all!

  • Would not be possible to add stories/journaling in?

  • ShortDrMom

    No, unfortunately the Making Memories format that I used wouldn’t allow for that. I think I would really like to re-do it in an 8″X8″ binder style format. Since I already have the printed photos there, I don’t think it would take that much to re-do it! And we are getting ready to move again (this time for retirement!) so I will have an impetus to add to it.

    By the way, thanks for all you do. I love the Paperclipping Roundtable!

  • vintageplaid

    This is discussion is being very helpful with all the great ideas! A couple of years ago we moved away from our home of 38 years. We have some great pictures that we took with everything all cleaned up to send to a prospective buyer. I have been wanting to put these in an album along with all the old pictures I can find of the house from early on, showing all the decorating changes over the years…the 70’s especially are pretty funny to us now! Our homes are wrapped around our lives, and I am looking forward to putting this all together. Also, I know it’s an album our daughters will be very interested in because it’s the house they grew up in.

  • ladywing

    I started the beginning of this year to pull the photos and layouts from over the years together. We’re in the process of building a new home. In the midst of this, we received a photo of our current home from 1963 when one of the previous owners had bought it. Plus I have one from 1941 when it was built and 1983, the year we bought. I made one layout with all 3 photos to start the book. I’ve also made a layout to leave for the new home owners, and will add one with the for sale sign (not sure if I’ll have the “sold” on it or not) and a copy for me too. With all the layouts I pulled together, I’m working on the new house with things of getting the house ready to sell. It’s actually a mix of regular 12×12 and pocket pages. I found the new house is easier with the pocket pages since 75% of my scrap stuff is now in storage.

  • Yes!! I’ve been planning to show my first home the way I remember it most with all the wonderful memories, but also have a section that highlights the various stages + changes over the years.
    I love looking at pictures of my childhood home, and I’m sure your girls will love it!

  • WOW! That is so cool! How did you get those earlier pictures from 1963 and 1941?

  • ladywing

    We were lucky enough to receive a copy of the original survey when the house was built and it had a photo. I scanned that in. But the one from 1963 is actually a funny story. The day we signed our contract on the home we are building, we received an envelope in the mail address to our address only – from a previous owner with the photo from when they bought the house in 1963, copies of their closing documents with the pricing as well. They were cleaning house and thought we might like it. A friend suggested leaving the “legacy” photos for the new owners when we sell.
    Page in progress has room for the last photo.

  • Jen

    Oh totally! If PL is your thing, that’s a great low-pressure way to start documenting your home!

  • Gypsy Stockley

    I don’t have an album just for our home- those pages go in ‘places we love’. I do always ensure that I do a spread or two in my week in the life book for the year specifically covering the spaces in our home.

  • I love scrapping about our home, since it was a big deal of a purchase for us, and the house looks TOTALLY different now than when we moved in 3 years ago.

    I don’t have an album dedicated to the house specifically, but I’ve considered moving the many pages I’ve done about it to it’s own album– and then I can include more pictures documenting our progress!

  • HelenH

    I made a 2 page timeline LO for Hello Story of my childhood homes. My brother sent a bunch of old photos, and I’m printing ones of the house and farm, so I know there is a lot potential there.

  • I have done LOTS of layouts about our homes. I’ve actually got two finished albums about our past two homes.
    That’s not the full album, but Snapfish won’t left me share my album as printed :(

    I’ve done a few pages about our current home too :)

  • Brenda Budinger-Weschke

    I don’t have one yet but I would like to do one. We live in London and I know we will not be here forever and I want to capture where we lived and our street and the bus and stores etc, but I just don’t have a good list of pictures in my mind of what I want to include. If I could come up with that then I might get it done.

  • Jennifer G.

    I certainly have not done layouts about our homes and I need to get on that. Thanks!