Design Your Story: From the Ground Up

Design Your Story - Photo Clips

I’ve created a lot of design-related videos over the past several years, and I’ve consistently received the same request over and over:

Noell, can you please create a stand-alone comprehensive course that will teach design, and how it applies to scrapbooking?

I’ve been working on it for a long time, and it’s finally here. I’m calling it “Design Your Story: From the Ground Up”.

What’s inside?

When you purchase my course, you’ll receive instant access to a password-protected website where you’ll find:

  • More than 3 hours of total training (including text, images, and videos) — This is thorough training that will help you feel confident and knowledgeable about applying design to your scrapbooking.
  • Seven stand-alone lessons that dig deep into design.
  • Assignments that help you apply the concepts to your own work, ensuring that you understand and retain the information.
  • A web-based training program so you can access it instantly from anywhere where you have internet access.
  • The concepts that will help you tell your story through visual design (not just through journaling or photos).

Learning design is like learning to communicate in a new language, and you’ll love what it does for your scrapbooking.

How Long Does It Last

When you register, you’ll receive access to the password-protected site for one year. This gives you plenty of time to review the content and visit over and over again.

How Much Does It Cost

The price of the course is $59.

7 Day No-Risk Money-Back Guarantee

If you purchase the course, try it and decide you’re not happy with it, send me an email during the first 7 days and I’ll refund your money. No hard feelings and we can still be friends.

Are you ready to learn design?

Important: If you’re already a Paperclipping Customer, the way you purchase this course is using the “Manage Account” link at the top of the website, then the “Add/Renew” menu in your account page. Please do not try to purchase using the button above.