Create Layout Designs From Scraps – Paperclipping 272

Would you sometimes love to scrapbook mindlessly?

No thinking, just doing?

Well, I can’t promise NO thinking, but I can suggest a way to do very little of it for the ultimate in scrapbooking relaxation.

It also involves using your scraps, so this method will give you more use out of your favorite papers, in addition to a cushier, more self-replenishing scrap experience.

Imagine sitting down and simply pulling from the top of a pile of scraps to create beautiful layers with lots of different patterns and colors you love…which sums up this method that I want to share with you today.

I demonstrated it twice with two scrapbook pages in today’s new Paperclipping video. You’ll get all the different tips you need to build a layout from scraps with very little taxing of the brain for ideas.

The video is waiting for you in the Member’s Area and on iTunes.

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  • FYI to Members who have already watched — I did end up softening the white on the metal clock just slightly. I used my Tim Holtz Blending Tool to blend Old Paper Distress Ink into the white paint. It’s a very subtle shade of ink and a small amount was just enough to counter that white and make it look more natural and subtle.

  • Cyndi

    I love how you used the blue glitter paper to make the dog/library photo pop! What a difference that made. I also loved that paper strip on the first layout. Great use of using up paper scraps. Thanks Noell!

    I am now on the hunt for those delicious clock pieces and beautiful gold letter stickers. Enabler!

  • Mosbaskets

    Really love this. I think if I had seen more of these ideas of using scraps I would have scrapbooked a lot more over the years. I was so overwhelmed with the scraps and how much time each page took because of the way I was trying to do them. I love what I have (even years later) but I think I would have loved this as well. I am the product of an artist mother & engineer father and those two halves are constantly tugging about which way to go. I am creative but also very linear. I am just now figuring out how to make them work together. Definitely a challenge but mostly fun.

    Love the videos and PRT. I just found them in February and have gone back and listened from the beginning. Lots of great info and fun. There are still lots of people who don’t know who Ali Edwards, Debbie Hodge et al are. Many people just use their local craft store and don’t follow things online. It definitely opens up a whole new world when you start following blogs and using online resources like Papperclipping. Keep up the great work.

    – Monica

  • Christine

    Thank you. This is what I was going to ask about as well. You are the reason I now have a scraps basket. I limit myself to what it can hold. Now when it gets full I think I will challenge myself to make a layout or two just from that basket.

  • Welcome to Paperclipping, Monica! Thank you for your comment and all the kind words. Engineers can be extremely creative, so I see your genetic and nurtured inheritance as a double gift. :)

  • Cool idea! Thanks for sharing. :)