Course Resources: Video 7 – Album Introduction

Our Love Story

Romantic Scrapbooking Course 41

Your Challenge:

Create an introductory page for your album.

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This is the end

I hope you enjoyed this journey as I much as I did. It was a joy for me to put this course together, and to assemble and share these pages and videos with you. If you have not done the challenges, I hope you will go back and do them.

And after that, I hope you will continue to scrapbook the positive stories of your relationship with your partner or spouse.

Shine on and have fun paperclipping!

  • Jenn Lynn

    Really love the coloring on the heart. I have never tried the distress paint, but I have the distress inks and also the alcohol inks – do you know if either of those would work on the foil?

  • Alcohol inks will definitely work on the foil, but it will look a little different. If you use the pure color it will be shiny, vibrant and translucent. But if you add snow cap alcohol ink to it will be more similar to the distress paint, in that it will be more of a matte appearance, more opaque, and less vibrant, like mine.

    I don’t think distress ink would even stay on foil. I think it will just wipe off, but you know until you try!

  • Teresa S
  • Linda

    Hi Noell, I’m really enjoying your course so far! I was wondering where you got these cute different sized sequins from?