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Recently someone told me they love it when I make pages about our big life changes, and I joked that I didn’t know how many more big changes we could handle making.

Then I started looking through my Everyday Life scrapbook album last week, and guess what I noticed? Lots and lots of pages about changes we’ve made, both big and small. And I learned something about Izzy and myself that I hadn’t fully realized before.

He and I both thrive on change. But that’s not what matters to you. What matters to you is this…

I would never have made that observation about us had I not separated my albums into topics or stories. By having an album that focuses specifically on everyday life, for example, you break your life down into a digestible section so you can actually see the patterns of your life that you didn’t realize were there.

Fourteen Prompts for Scrapbooking Everyday Life

Here are fourteen page prompts on scrapbooking the every day that come to my mind after working on my own album…

  1. Schedules
  2. Routines
  3. Things you do often
  4. Lens projects – ie. a focused look at a day or a week
  5. Meals or foods you eat
  6. Things you do daily, weekly, or monthly
  7. Places you visit regularly (coffee, shop, restaurants)
  8. What you do when you’re lounging around
  9. “Right Now” pages – what is everyone doing at this moment?
  10. Stuff you regularly find left out around the house
  11. Favorite TV shows
  12. Your exercise routine
  13. Your personality quirks
  14. Games you play a lot
  15. Typical weekends at home

The story of who we are when we’re the most real gets diluted when we surround everyday life layouts with the other types of layouts where our lives tend to be more dressed up.

I like to keep them separate so my scrapbooks can tell clear, defined stories.

Our Everyday Life

But whether you want to do that or not, you might enjoy the video we made related to this topic.

I’m finishing up my Everyday Life album this month and it’s had lots of problems. Basically, the viewing experience of this album was unpleasant for many reasons. On video I share my album with all its pages, along with all its problems and little ugh-lies.

But I also share my solutions and show you how I very quickly modified the album into one I now really enjoy and am excited about. I make an intro page on video, start to finish, as well.

This video is for the Paperclipping Members and is now available in the Member’s Area and on iTunes.

If you’re not a member, please click here for information!

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