Coming Soon: Holiday Photography Tips

Paperclipping Holiday Photography Tips

Not satisfied with your holiday season photos?

Make sure you’re on my email list because if you are, you’ll have a chance to participate in my Holiday Photography Tips class for free! This includes…

  • Seven areas of holiday photography from Christmas trees, lights, ornaments, food, to photographing snow, parties, and gift-opening.
  • Numerous tips and instruction in the 7 areas.
  • Numerous photo examples.
  • A challenge for each of the 7 areas.
  • A place to share your results, ask for feedback, and see the photos of others in the class.

If you’re not a Paperclipping Member you will have an opportunity to join in a promotion and get the class for free this week. Watch your email inbox!

Paperclipping Members got their chance to get the class last week, along with a deep discount on my other tutorial subscriptions.

  • I missed my chance to sign up last week to get the photography tips. The classes that are listed for nonmembers I already subscribe to. Am I just out of luck?

  • Hi, Barb! Thanks for your interest. You got all of my classes for free when you signed up for your membership at a discount during my biggest promotion of the year in Oct. (thank you for your membership!). We run different promotions at different times.
    That’s why I suggested in the email that you might use the promotion as a way to give an inexpensive discounted gift to someone else so you could get the photography class for yourself for free. I offer different promotions at different times so those who miss one can take advantage of another. But since you were offered 40% off even my lowest price class of $9 last week, I figured even those who have everything could still get into the photography class by buying a gift for someone for as little as $5 plus.

  • Jenn V

    Shoot! I think I missed out too!! I don’t remember ever seeing anything about a photography class!! I am a member though, so hopefully I can join in. I love photography, especially holiday photography so I love this kind of thing! Is this similar the the emails that you sent two years ago? If so…awesome! I loved those tips.

    Let me know how I can get this class! :)

  • Suzanne T

    I am a new membership (great gift from DH for Christmas!) and i was seeing this class just now! Is there a way to see the info on these classes in an archival fashion like the videos? Sounds like a great source of needed information!

  • Hi, Suzanne! Thank you and your husband for your membership! :)

    This class was a bonus for members to members who purchased one of our other products during a 2-day promotion we ran early in the month. It’s not available right now. Sorry! I might possibly run a similar type of promotion next year — I won’t know until that time comes. Always watch for my emails because I periodically run promotions. If you’re not sure you’re getting the member emails, I’ll be sending one out today when the newest member video comes out. If you don’t get that email, please let me know at