Color Combinations with Pink

More Dance (closeup)

Lately I’ve been into pink.

It surprised me recently when I realized how often I turn to pink as my dominate color these days. I’m sure it has something to do with bright sunny summer days.

Have you been into pinks lately, too? If so, here are some ideas to keep the pink love rolling in your scrapbooking for a little while longer.

And if not? Well, maybe you’ll find a few pink palettes here that you’d like to try, just to change things up.

Analogous: pink-orange to orange to yellow-orange

En Pointe

En Pointe (closeup)

All three of the colors on this page share the same hue (orange), which makes them especially harmonious. Pink-orange is the dominant color. The white, grey, and black are neutrals.

Lots of Colors

Toy Time

Toy Time (closeup)

Pink and red are the main colors here, but I added pops of yellow and blue and green accents to communicate childhood energy for this story.

Monochromatic: Pink, pink, and more pink!

More Dance

More Dance (closeup)

Look how the colder hot pink contrasts with the subtle muted grapefruit-like pink. This page also has bits of pink-orange.

Ballet Pink with Metalics

Your First Pointe Shoes

Your First Pointe Shoes (closeup)

This is actually an analogous color scheme: pink to yellow. Gold is a yellow, and pink is a red, plus there is some orange mixed into some of the metals and pinks. I mixed a little pink into the metallic color you see on the swirls to make all the colors work more in harmony together. I think it looks just dreamy!

Analogous with Pops of Blue and Green

Art Masterpiece

Art Masterpiece (closeup)

On this page you get the creamy, dreamy harmony of an analogous color scheme in the paint and mist background, with a burst of contrast from the blue and green accents. If you ever start out with an analogous color scheme but realize it’s too calming for your story, try this.

Analogous with Gold


Paquita (closeup)

Can you tell I love analogous color palettes? Gold is the dominant color on this page, but pink runs a close second place in getting your attention. There are red and orange accents, and the analogous color actually runs as far down the wheel as green (yes, it’s allowed!). The green comes in the smallest amount and makes a slight but important impact: more energy.

I assembled most of these pages in recent Paperclipping video tutorials as I shared other tips and tricks. Click here for information about a membership!

So what do you say? You ready to play with some pinks?

  • Becky Pospical

    I love pink and I’m lucky to have two girls. One of which also loves pink! I also have boys, so I’m able to get a wide range of colors when scrapping. I love the pink-yellow, pink-orange combos! Great pages!

  • Beautiful pages! I have two boys (no girls) but I do manage to sneak in some pink on occasion.

  • vintageplaid

    It’s interesting to see how many shades of pink there are, so thought very interesting the video on YouTube “There is no pink light” Physics may say one thing but our hearts say another! Wondering if the Noell’s pink was prompted by the recent PRT discussion. Now I think I am off to make a pink scrapbook page…

  • Can’t watch the video just yet (helping my son do his math!) — but I do know that pink is not a true color. Pink is really just red: red mixed with white and whatever other color you add to make it warmer, cooler, or more muted. Is that what the video is about?

  • Marie-Pierre

    Beautiful pages! I love the first one with the chevron patterned paper and I love the one with the gold letter stickers best, because of the warm hue I think. Your ballet photos are just so gorgeous!! I’m lucky enough to have two girls and my oldest, who is five, wants to be a ballerina, so I might have the chance to take some beautiful “pointe” photos myself when she’s bigger. :) ps: I’m not a member just yet, but I’m an avid paperclipping roundtable listener and a big fan of yours and I know I’ll be a member soon. I’m just waiting for all my classes to end so that I have time to invest in all your (I’m sure) wonderful videos!!

  • vintageplaid

    The video is a one minute explanation about the physics of pink light. Very fun…

  • Debbie Piercey

    I’m loving this color combo, (pink & orange). Where is the background pp from on the “en pointe” layout? It’s gorgeous!

  • That’s from my current favorite line: Carte Bella’s Hello Again. It’s gorgeous, isn’t it?