Christmas Mini Album Covers

Want some cover ideas for a December Daily mini-album? Here are the last three I’ve made…

1. Retro Whimsical and Relatively Symmetrical
25 Merry Days 2010

Step-by-step instructions on this one coming tomorrow!

2. Traditional and Symmetrical

3. Light-hearted Vintage and Asymmetrical
36 Merry Days

(I have a video tutorial for members showing how to make this sign post. Look for Paperclipping 186. Click here for info about a Paperclipping Membership).

I don’t actually call my albums “December Daily.” I call mine my “Merry Days” albums because our Christmas celebrating starts well before December, and I don’t like to feel pressure do record daily. Instead, I pick a span of days (sometimes 25, sometimes as much as 36) and cover that span, rather than every single day.

Shine on,

P.S.> Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for instructions for cover #1, as well as the rest of the week for daily posts leading up to December!

  • Noell, love your ornament card and your unique Merry Days album. Such a fresh spin on merriment and memory keeping. :)

  • Emery

    your first cover is sooo pretty!!

  • Thank you! They’re actually all mini album covers, including the one with ornaments. I just haven’t punched the holes and added the book rings yet. :)

  • It’s my latest one and my current favorite. :)

  • Caroline

    I really like the last one! I like the vintage look but sometimes I find it’s a bit much. I think you’ve struck a great balance between vintage and whimsy, and I really like that.

    I’ve finished the prep work for my December Daily album but haven’t included numbers. I was thinking of adding them but now I’m thinking I may just leave it more free, and just fill the album with whatever happens- some days nothing and other days several pages. I’m usually pretty principled but I’m sensing a little bit of freedom ahead! Thanks for the inspiration, Noell. :)

  • If you love the idea of the numbers, you can still use them, even if you’re not doing it daily. I do. :)

  • Caroline

    Yep I think that’s what I’ll do, just add them on whichever days are relevant. :)

  • C.Robin

    Hi Noell,all your cover are very pretty.

  • They are all so pretty! But I like the middle one the best!

  • Stacy H-W

    These are all beautiful!! Thanks for the inspiration this morning Noel!!

  • Debra

    Loving your daily posts on December Daily stuff!