Choosing Color for Project Life

Feb_PL_2014 2
Do you have a tried and true method for picking colors for Project Life? Something that is easy and always looks great?

I love any methods that make an attractive Project Life spread quick and easy, so I’m here with another tip and some examples today.

While I don’t do this every single time, I always love it when I do: Use black or grey and white as neutrals, and use just one color or a set of analogous colors. I use the Midnight edition as my source for neutrals, and then I reach wherever I want for my color — other PL editions, cut apart cards from paper collections, my favorite pattern papers, or washi tape.

High Contrast – Bolder Look

Feb_PL_2014 9
Black and white with a single color will give a stronger, cleaner, bolder look than grey with analogous colors (at the top and below).

If your color is a cooler tone, like my green, you can warm it up with a small amount of brown, like I did with that card behind the business card for The Cutting Board. This also helped me bridge the color scheme on the other side of the page, where I used the same green, but some other warm colors, too.
Feb_PL_2014 8
The left page is from January and the right page begins February. I like that the pages are harmonious with each other but are just different enough that you can tell we’re moving on to a new section.

Low Contrast – Softer Look

Feb_PL_2014 5
Grey is closer to white than black, so there’s not much contrast. The bleeding of one color to the next in an analogous color scheme also gives a softer feel.

This is my very favorite color scheme and it complements our Arizona environment. The spread is a continuation of February but each page has its own story. I decided the keep the color scheme throughout both sides, but used different patterned papers to separate them just slightly.
Feb_PL_2014 4
Feb_PL_2014 3

Some Closeups

I still need to finish my February spreads, but here are a few closeups of these first ones.
Feb_PL_2014 7


Feb_PL_2014 1

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Shine On,

  • Beth McLaughlin Quiroz

    Noell – love your die cuts! Where did you get the heart/sunburst 3×4 one?

  • The cuts and colors on the low contrast spread are really beautiful! :)

  • Chelle Beeby

    awesome cuts, I too am curious as to where you found these please?