• Linda

    I love the new Plus One collection. How will we find these unique times to purchase if they are not available in big box stores?

  • Gela

    ok great line must have BUT how great was Jack to let momma work.

  • I buy them online at Scrapbook.com and TwoPeasInaBucket.com.

    Scrapbook.com tends to have things in stock more, but they usually aren’t selling every single piece of an American Crafts line like this, so sometimes it’s frustrating not to find all the pieces I’m looking for there. TwoPeas is the best place to buy American Craft lines like this one, but they run out of stock all the time. If you are on the TwoPeas email list you can get a Free Shipping code if you purchase $50 of non-sale product.

  • TracieClaiborne

    I have to say….I might not have bought those Amy Tan letter stickers had I not seen her use them in this video! Of course I follow her blog but that really made me want them and the stitching templates too which I have been meaning to get for a while. I love her! She is so cool and sweet. I wish we were besties. :) Thanks for showing us that Noell!

  • “I wish we were besties.” …how cute is that?! I hope Amy comes and reads these. :)

  • Amy Tangerine

    Aww! Aren’t you sweet?! Hope we get to meet someday and craft up a storm together!

  • Amy Tangerine

    I did I did! Thanks Noell (and Izzy) for doing this and letting Jack make a small cameo.