• Anonymous

    Hm.  I’m not sure I need the non-glimmer version.  On the rare occasion I’ve needed less/no glimmer, I just don’t shake the bottle before spraying.  It is nice that they listened to customer feedback! 

  • vintageplaid

    What would be really useful is a comparison of Tattered Angels products with Tim Holtz’ Distress Inks.  How do they compare, do they do the same thing, are they totally different?  What can be done with both?  I have been watching demo videos on both companies products and am getting confused!  What do people think about the two lines?
    I am amazed by the number of videos you have done — it has been incredibly helpful.  Thanks!

  • Gela

    Thank you sooo much for letting us know about those classes. There are too many choices of tattered angels.  Scratch that soo many choices, there are never too many.

  • Allie.DuckieNZ

    Oh she seems exhausted poor woman! Must have been hard keeping it all straight after 4 days! Love the baseboard. Might look into that perhaps. Thanks for the great vids Noell.