CHA 2012 – Julie Fei Fan Balzer’s Layered Stencils Demo from The Crafter’s Workshop

One trend that’s been building over time is the use of stencils! Julie Fei Fan Balzer has released a huge amount of stencils with The Crafter’s Workshop, including stencils that are intended for layering! In this video she demos how these layers can work together.

  • I love Julie’s star stencil! Wow I can tell a lot of thought went into these. I love how they layer.

  • AWESOME!!!! Can’t wait to buy these!

  • Nicki

    Of course it is amazing!!! I am not surprised…you are such a creative girl…..always firing me up to run into my craft room and grab supplies…..I will just have to wait for the stencils to arrive! So happy to see the stencil coming back!

  • Winnie

    Yes, they look awesome!  I love your stencils..I can’t wait to try these layered ones….You are so talented and a great teacher.

  • Mel

    I just want to say that I love Julie! She has such a great presence both onscreen and when she’s been on the Roundtable. I haven’t used stencils at all in my paper-crafting, but she makes me want to give it a whirl! Thanks for showing us her new goodies.

  • Julie is an awesome person, for sure! I’ve loved getting to know her!

  • Iceteeeeee

    What a great idea! I loved the look of the layered stencils.

  • davebarbtop

    Oh, WOW!  I am loving the layered stencils and am on the watch for the lotus stencil.  Julie is so fun.  I loved her “but wait.  But wait”  She reminded me of a TV commercial.  Julie is a true inspiration to all especially those of us who really want to let out the fun girl inside of us.

  • Kellij07

    she’s amazing.  i love her. can I take a class of hers…like yesterday!  *heart.