CHA 2012 – Julie Fei Fan Balzer and Eco Green Craft Stamps and Paint

*update* The video is working now!

Julie Fei Fan Balzer has partnered with Eco Green Crafts and in this video she shares the stamp sets she designed for them. She also demos their delicious paints and shows us what’s different about them!

  • Anonymous

    I can’t see this video – it says private? 

  • Rochelle

    I can’t see it either :(

  • Oh, sorry, I forgot to make it public! I win’t be home to fix this for a few more hours!! :(

  • Allie Atkinson

    OH MY GOSH. I have been looking into this company for a while but now I HAVE to buy their stuff! Thanks for highlighting this Noell and Izzy. (And Julie of course!)

  • Allie – I really loved their paint!! I use mostly Golden brand right now, but I’m going to start reserving that for my paintings and buy that Eco Green if I can find it for my scrapbooking and more casual art journaling and other projects. It’s really nice.

  • Linda Brun

    My favorite craft paint… I LOVE it! Great rubberstamps to… 

  • Can’t wait to get me some! Is it available in Canada?

  • Jane

    This sounds like great paint. I love that it is eco friendly  acrylic paint and yet has such rich pigments. Very cool that you can write on it and it wont stick.