CHA 2012 – Heidi Swapp Shows Her New Instaframes from the Memory File Line

Heidi designed Instaframes to make a square photo look like a polaroid! They come with fun cute supplies to add to them that have evoke all the social media terms of right now, such as “Status Update, “What’s on your mind?” etc. Take a look!

  • Be still my beating heart! Like! +1

  • Gela

    Wow Heidi went all out. Last year there was only a poster board with her name.

  • Nikkikeith5

    OMGoodness!!! NEED IT!!

  • Miss Niki

    Love her new stuff! The price point seems to be good this time as well.  Thanks for sharing!

  • Allie.DuckieNZ

    I totally missed the polaroid trip. I think I have seen only one in my entire life. Might be a NZ thing or an age thing…? This makes me wish that I had had them in my life :D

  • They were probably only around through early 80’s. They were short-lived like 8 tracks. Could probably find out for sure on Wilipedia!