• ooooh, loving this!

  • Adel Otto

    I have been loving Heidi’s products and ideas for a while and I think I love this file system.

  • Pookiesmom/Gail Evans

    Really awesome line!

  • Patty

    WOW, so beautiful line. Heidi is so creative! Thanks for sharing Noell…you are a great host!

  • Iris

    Neat, it’s like Smash Book meets Scrapbook Page! I’m really liking the idea of these file folders for an extended “layout” then having the box as the album. For instance, one folder for each birthday year, and the box be the birthday album. So fun with the interactive elements, I’m sure the kids would love to browse through their pages like this!

    Question, what size are the file folders? Since they are rectangular, are they 12″ in one dimension and the second side smaller, so if you wanted to use a pattern paper adhered to the background it would work?

  • Iris

    hah, I rewatched and Heidi said “8 1/2 by 11 double layout”, so I guess that answers my question.

    btw, she’s just so cute. I’ve loved her products/style for years, and you can see her personality matches her products. :)

    and you’ve been cute in all your videos. Great CHA coverage! I saw a couple other non-PRT videos and they were boring. you’re excitement at being at the show is contagious and you ask all the right questions of what we want to know.

  • I’ve been envisioning something similar, where the entire file box has a theme! So awesome! My understanding is the file folders are standard office folder size.

  • Thank you! Izzy does a great job and we’re so proud of the Paperclipping CHA videos!! :)

  • Kiki K

    and finally the lady is back!!!! I missed “true” Heidi Swapp products! I’ve spotted this file folder from her sneek peaks along with the “polaroid” type frames!!! Noell & Izzy you totally rock the videos! I wasn’t expecting anything less! thank you thank you thank you (and safe travels back home!)

  • Christine

    If anything did, this would be a product to pull me back into doing more paper scrapping. I love the concept!

  • Danette Munn

    I really Love this idea and way to “scrapbook”. This is so much more relaxed and up my ally. 

  • Iceteeeeee

    I can see myself using this as a travel album to work on during a trip. Very cool.

  • scrappysue

    Really enjoying the CHA videos, thank you!  Totally love this idea, as ever Heidi Rocks!  Think I have finally found what to do with all that travel memorabilia!  Oh and birthday parties … very inspired, yay!

  • Carol

    What a great idea!  Heidi Swapp’s Memory File system is very cool, and I love all the interactive elements.

  • Love that idea!

  • Terri Torrez

    Thanks for this, Noell. This was definitely something that couldn’t be explained in a still picture. It’s innovative. I really love the smaller items but I can’t really see using the file folders.

  • Lorrie_jonas

    I think Heidi Swapp Made a great choice partnering  with Tattered Angels. Her product quality is higher and she has a  larger verity. I think before she went with tatter Angers her products were a hit or miss. I have stuff like her flock rub on’s that were to difficult to rub off. since she has been with Tattered Angels everything she makes has a great quality and works well.  

  • She’s actually partnered with Pink Paisley now, but from what I can tell the quality still remains super high, possibly higher!

  • WOWOWOWOWOWOW!!  Great video and this line is on the top of my wish list!! Love that you can get the folders in mistable form!! Can’t wait. I’m with Heidi…office supply geek! Izzy and Noell….all the CHA videos are suburb! The quality of picture, sound, and of course the gorgeous Noell as the host! Thanks for the good time at CHA!

  • Wcostanzo

    I love this idea.  Having the file folders with the box to keep them in and using them in so many different ways.  AAAAH!  Can’t wait to get some of these.  Thanks for the awesome videos!

  • ScrappyTams

    When we homeschooled we would make project files like this.  It was a great way to have all the info on a topic in one place.  Never, never thought to make a scrapbook out of it.  Wowzer!  Great idea. 

  • HLo

    What a great concept to keep all the happenings of a memory together. And then it’s fun to explore the memory, too. Really innovative!

  • Peg in CO

    Well, this video was worth its weight in gold. I could’ve seen that stuff in an LSS or online for days and not had clue one what she had in mind.  That is so, so awesome and can’t wait to lay hands on it.  I love this idea for a trip.  I’ve gotten to where making a layout for every little detail of a trip is not appealing at all but having a box of these for recent trips on my end table in my living room.  Oh, yeah, that works!  You guys did a great job and Noell, you look absolutely beautiful. :)

  • Thank you, Peg! What a good point — there may be difficulties in stores if they don’t provide some examples. And you’re right — these will be great for travel.
    I have my own idea for how I’m going to use it first and I’m pretty positive it’ll become a Paperclipping Member Video.
    Can’t wait!

  • Julie K in Taiwan

    Love all your videos, thank you!  If you want more ideas on how to use
    these file folders, you can search for “foldables” and “lapbooks”. 
    They’ve been used in classrooms and homeschooling for a while.  It’s so
    fun to see them “scrapbookized”.  Looking forward to the paperclipping
    member video you have in store for us using them.

  • Lzmilazzo

    These totally made me think of the lapbooks that I have made for my boys, but instead of being a school topic it would be a scrapbook (and with gorgeous paper and embellies). Really cool. I am not sure I like the storage in the boxes. So I would likely try to find a way to pull them together in an album, but not in page protectors b/c then you’d lose the interactivity. But now, I SERIOUSLY have to consider her BPC starting in April. Thanks for the great video.

  • I bet they would work just fine if you punch holes in them and put them in albums, as long as you punch the holes before you decorate them! Cool!