• Iceteeeeee

    What a treat to be able to see her process from start to finish! Thank you so much, Noell! She also seems like a genuinely nice person! Great products with lots of possibilities!

  • You’re right, she is genuinely nice! A real doll, lots of fun, authentic and sweet!

  • Doneal16

    Wow !  Loved seeing her work start to finish !  Love her work. I am just getting into do some mixed media and definitely want to get her products !!  thanks for showing us Noell !

  • Fabulous

  • Whity631

    Love this soooo much! I’m a Dylusion’s fiend! Already preordered as much as I can afford! Love Dyan’s style and great to see her demo. So glad she is now part of Ranger!

  • Sue W.

    I am a convert and I’ve never used your products! Can’t wait to get inky with them!! ;)

  • Anonymous

    Oh I am thinking I need those sprays, love how they don’t get muddy. Great interview Noell!

  • Fancyscrapper

    Noell, I can’t get over Dyan’s accent. I paused the vid and had my family listen with me just for fun. We all imitated her and watched her do the page together. Super super fun! I grew up traveling in the States and overseas, and one of our family pastimes became imitating the current accent wherever we were. Whether in Tennessee or Hong Kong, vocal variations are fascinating to me. I think it’s the musical background or something. . . .

    So it was an extra bonus to hear her talking while watching her make that fabulous piece of art! Thanks!

  • How cool! Accents are awesome.

  • Cara Vincens

    Oh wow!!  She’s amazing!  I want to be like her.  I don’t mean that I want to create like her or adopt her style, I want to have as much confidence in my own art to just be able to trust what I’m doing and just DO it!!  Okay, I need to go watch her again… love the accent too ;)

  • I loved this! Thanks so much–totally inspired.

  • Lorrie_jonas

    Love Dyan and her style. I know I will most defiantly be buying some of those bright inks. Her stamps have a great quality to them also.  Hopefully I can have new inks In my stash soon… Love the transparent look instead of opake. Its good to have both inks and paints for different parts of a piece.  Thank You for post

  • HLo

    Wow, amazing. She is so creative! I love how her colors pop off the page.

  • Allie.Duckienz

    LOVE! I so need to get some of these inks! and templates and definitely the water brushes!!!

  • Love being able to see her demo… I missed it at CHA… she totally Rocks! Can’t wait to get her paints and stencils!

  • Heidy Sutherland

    My set of spray inks just arrived so I am re wathing the video before I start on a page, can’t wait