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Capture the Magic of Your Christmas Stories – Paperclipping 277

Thursday, November 19th, 2015


Does your Christmas album capture the magic you love about the holiday?

As much as I love scrapbooking about Christmas, I’ve been confused for several years as to why I haven’t loved my Christmas album. Looking through it has done nothing for me; does not capture the Christmas magic.

As November approached I put my mind on this problem and — probably as a direct result of a story Stacy Julian shared in our most recent Deep Dive course — I figured out why!

So now I have a new direction and already my plan has ignited a fire which led to a five-page layout about one of my own special Christmas stories from childhood. I am super excited about where I’m taking my album now.

So of course, I shot video of this entire process:

  1. The “before” version of my Christmas album.
  2. The new direction I’m taking with the album.
  3. The making of a five-page layout with multiple connections between my childhood Christmas story and my adult Christmas story.

This new member video kicks off the holiday season of Paperclipping!

Coming up next is a post with my Christmas Product Picks and Un-picks. And over the next few videos you will see me re-develop my Christmas album with my new plan, and you’ll see me working in the Nutcracker Ballet album, as well.

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The Very Best and Only Good Way to Adhere Newspaper, T-shirts, and Other Stuff

Thursday, November 5th, 2015

Newspaper Articles  654 – Version 2

Newspaper articles, special t-shirts, fabrics and laces — I LOVE scrapbooking with all these amazing things that have special significance in our lives.

They all add texture, both literally and figuratively, to our stories.

I mentioned in a recent Paperclipping Roundtable episode about storytelling that after a lifetime of experimenting with how to adhere these types of story-laden materials, I have come to the conclusion that there is just one adhesive that is good.

It’s gel medium (matte).

And it’s not just good. It’s amazing.

For example…


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Scrapbooking Your Tween Boys: 5 Page Ideas

Thursday, October 29th, 2015

In need of some pre-teen boy inspiration?

Here are some story and design ideas in five different layouts!

Layout 1 – Sleep Anywhere
Sleep Anywhere

1. Design Idea: Form a line of rectangular monochromatic scraps around the photo.

2. Story Idea: Catch your tween in a funny position, whether asleep or awake.

3. See this page come together: Paperclipping Video 227 – Gathering to Make Lines
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Scrapbook Yourself Without Photos – Paperclipping 275

Wednesday, October 21st, 2015

Don’t have enough photos of yourself to scrapbook your own stories?

You can tell a lot of your stories without putting yourself into the picture.

In today’s Paperclipping video tutorial I share some fun story ideas and put together pages without pictures of myself.

I love these layouts.

You can do it, too!

Head on over to the Member’s Area or iTunes to watch the video and get started on your own page.

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How I Recently Refined My Style

Tuesday, October 20th, 2015


To me, finding your style means finding you.

In many ways it means moving closer to visually representing aspects of your self.

Over the past year or so I had a realization about something I’ve loved since I was a little girl. It has to do with color.

And that color realization suddenly led to me my style adjustment. I love the harmony of analogous color schemes, and some of my most favorite layouts are the ones I’ve made with more harmony than contrast.

So while I don’t always stick to that, since some of my stories definitely call for more energy, and by extension, contrast, I have been using the pillar design principle of harmony as much as my story will permit.

And I LOVE it!!


Want to learn more about this principle and how to make it work for you?

I decided to make this the topic of my class presentation at True Scrap, the online scrapbooking event that is happening THIS WEEKEND!

TS7 Class collage with title

At True Scrap there will be eight classes from awesome teachers like Lisa Bearnson — an original mover of our modern scrapbook industry, Julie Fei-Fan Balzer, Kathy Cano-Murillo, the well-known, “Crafty Chica.”

There will also be Q&A sessions, prizes, chatting with scrapbookers around the world, and lots of fun!

Click here to get more info or sign up.

So back to my new favorite design principle, HARMONY, and my class…

In “Scrapbookers, Unite!” we will learn to use harmony and contrast to create unity. I’ll walk you through a scrapbook layout that is lacking in harmony and unity, and then we’ll re-create the original concept with two new pages that fix the problem and create a feeling of harmony and that sense of being satisfyingly finished.

Want to join us this weekend? CLICK HERE to sign up.

Here are some sneak peeks of the new layouts I make in the class:




It’s going to be fun. I hope to see you there!

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Fabric On Your Pages – Paperclipping 274

Tuesday, September 29th, 2015


If I were a scrapbook designer I would create supplies made partially with fabrics.

Fortunately, I don’t have to be a designer to get what I want — I create some of my own dream supplies from fabrics right at home, and so can you.

Look carefully at your once-beautiful, now worn-out clothing and costumes before you toss them. While the entire pieces may no longer be beautiful, I bet there are parts that still are.

Cut them off and add them to your scrapbooking stash.

Make it a habit.

Here are some reasons why…

  1. Fabrics soften the hard, straight edges.
  2. The organic quality of fabric can add contrast to our commonly geometric patterns.
  3. Fabrics add gorgeous, intricate detailing.
  4. Fabrics add dimension and texture to the page.
  5. It gives a second life to worn-out clothing and costumes.
  6. It’s free!
  7. Designing your own supplies is just super awesome. :)


Want to get some ideas? I shared several and then scrapbooked with them in the newest episode of Paperclipping. Making my own fabric supplies is one of my favorite things to do so I’m feeling especially excited to share this video.

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Shine On,

Create Layout Designs From Scraps – Paperclipping 272

Thursday, August 27th, 2015

Would you sometimes love to scrapbook mindlessly?

No thinking, just doing?

Well, I can’t promise NO thinking, but I can suggest a way to do very little of it for the ultimate in scrapbooking relaxation.

It also involves using your scraps, so this method will give you more use out of your favorite papers, in addition to a cushier, more self-replenishing scrap experience.

Imagine sitting down and simply pulling from the top of a pile of scraps to create beautiful layers with lots of different patterns and colors you love…which sums up this method that I want to share with you today.

I demonstrated it twice with two scrapbook pages in today’s new Paperclipping video. You’ll get all the different tips you need to build a layout from scraps with very little taxing of the brain for ideas.

The video is waiting for you in the Member’s Area and on iTunes.

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Inside an Album – Paperclipping 271

Tuesday, August 18th, 2015


What if your scrapbooks could create an experience?

For you. For someone else. For anyone looking through the pages?

I used to resist scrapbooking with a color scheme for a whole album — always looking for variety and freedom in everything. That’s now changed.

I’ve come to feel that with a hint (or more) of a whole story and bit of design unity inside our albums, the entire experience of viewing them can be greater than the sum of individual, randomly designed layouts.

Maybe you have these questions, though…

  1. What about the fact that photos come in a variety of colors?
  2. Don’t you get bored having the same colors?
  3. What do you do about layouts you already made before choosing a color scheme?

Let me show you inside one of my own albums and see if those still seem like barriers. You’ll see that some of these problems are not the beasts they seem, and you’ll get lots of tips for how to fix the ones that are.

It’s all in the newest video for Paperclipping members.

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Shine On,


Repetition Do’s and Don’ts – Paperclipping 270

Thursday, July 30th, 2015


Want to master a design principle?

Repetition is one of the key ways to creating a feeling of harmony in your layouts. But there are some things to watch for.

In the newest video tutorial of Paperclipping I shared some Do’s and Don’ts for how to use repetition in several different ways without making the page monotonous.

I shared two older pages — one that demonstrated a “Don’t,” and another that is definitely a “Do,” as well as a good example of how to fix the problem of the first page.

Then I assembled two more pages, working with those Do’s and Don’ts of repetition until my pages had a feeling of harmony.

See the sneak peek above?

Does it feel harmonious to you?

See how to do it in this newest episode of Paperclipping!

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How to Pick and Mix Products for Kits – Paperclipping 269

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

Would you love to be able to mix patterns together into an awesome-looking coordinated group?

Whether you want to mix patterns for a single layout, or as a kit that will coordinate an entire scrapbook album, there are things you should understand about color…

Three Important Things to Understand About Color

A single hue can have many different versions. There are three things that decide how a single hue, such yellow, will actually look. Knowing what these are can help you better understand how to mix and use color.

1. Tonality (tone) – Tone refers to how light or dark a color is. Color is made lighter with white and darker with black. The paper on the far left with the lines of triangles shows a variety of tonalities of the same colors (turquoise, green, and yellow):
See the different versions of yellow? They are the same yellow except in terms of their tone, which changes from light to dark. Same with the turquoise and green.

It’s easy to mix a variety of tones of the same color in your kits without running into any matching difficulties. In fact, variation in tonality is a really good idea, so go ahead and mix lights and darks of the same color.

2) Temperature – The temperature of a color depends on how warm or cool it is, which depends on how much yellow or blue has been blended into it. The pink and mustard stripe on the left in this picture below is very warm. The paper with the spokes on the right is cooler (though not totally cold because it has both warms and cools).
We typically say the warm colors are red, orange, and yellow, and the cool colors are green, blue, and purple, but that is not entirely correct. You can actually get warmer and cooler versions of every color. It is okay to have some cools and some warms together in a single kit, but it’s a little trickier than mixing a variety of tones.

3) Vibrancy – Vibrancy has to do with how bright or muted a color is. It is very hard to mix vibrancy within a color grouping and get it right, so if you are newer at color, it’s easier to stick with colors of the same vibrancy.

The spokes in the paper above are very vibrant, but the blue background is muted. They work well together because their temperatures are similar. The muted blue works well with that tiny bit of eggplant just to the left of it because they have a similar vibrancy and their temperature is not too different. Their tones are very different from each other — remember, it’s good to have a variety of tones.

But the paper with the spokes and the paper with the pink and mustard stripes are horrible together. They have very little in common — their vibrancy is opposite, their temperatures are different. There just aren’t enough similarities to unite them.

It is possible to have both muted and bright colors within a group (as you can see that it works in the paper with the vibrant spokes but muted background color), and the sooner you master temperature, the sooner you’ll be able to mix vibrancy well.

Most Common Color Problems

When scrapbookers come to me with color challenges on their layouts, the most common problem I see is vibrancy mixes that don’t work. The second most common problem is that the colors are not balanced across the page.

You learn it by seeing it.

  • Would you like to see me take a big mix of papers from different designers and different years and put them together into a beautiful and exciting kit?
  • Want to see examples of papers that work well together and papers that don’t?
  • Do you want tips for making the process easier?
  • Would it help you to see me create a style-vibe for a kit?

Today we released a new video that takes you through my process of making a coordinated kit for an entire album. You’ll not only see these color principles at work, but you’ll also see the inspiration behind achieving a specific style with variety. You’ll see pattern-mixing, choosing or eliminating papers, and you’ll see me assemble a layout from the new kit.
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Shine On,