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Make An Impact with Numbers – Paperclipping 238

Monday, March 31st, 2014

paperclipping 238

I don’t mean numbers, as in numerals.

I mean numbers, as in the number of items you use from the same package of products, like in the picture above.

Have you ever used a whole bunch of items from the same package, even though that was probably not the intention of the designer of the product?

Or does that sound kind of strange? I do it a lot.

Why You Should Pile an Entire Package of Embellishments on One Scrapbook Layout

Ok, I don’t ever use an entire package all at once. I do use a lot, and I have even used all but just a few. Here’s why…

  1. Designing a page is faster when all or most of your supplies come from a single package, rather than from various packages from all over the place.
  2. You can make a real visual impact by using a whole bunch of the same or similar items. There is power in numbers, not just in life, but in design as well. :)

You’ve heard of the design principle, repetition, right?

A powerful and easy way to achieve repetition in your design is to use a bunch of items from the same package.

Just be sure you do a few things while you’re at it…

  • Use variation for contrast.
  • Gather the items together.

Yes, I found them doing this (closeup)

Use variation for contrast

It will probably be boring if your items are all exactly the same. Make sure there is some sort of contrast between them – size, color, shape, etc. Or mix something else in if your package of items have no variation.

Gather the items together

You want to use the items to bring the eye to your focal point. Scattering them all over the page will not do that. In fact, scattering them (spacing them out) will not create the powerful impact I’ve been talking about either.

So be sure to gather them close together or overlapping. This way your gathering either acts as a stopping point for eye, or to lead the eye to something else, like a photo.

Both good things!

Are you ready to try it?

Link us up to your results in the comments area!

Not completely confident with the idea yet?

If you want some examples in action, I did a video that shows a whole bunch of different ways to do it.

I mean — a whole, whole bunch. :)

I also give lots of tips and guidance for what to keep in mind as you do it.

The video is now available in the Member’s Area and on iTunes, and Paperclipping members can go watch it now.

But you must be a member to watch.

Click here to learn about a membership!

Enjoy making a big impact with your supplies, and have fun paperclipping!

Shine On,

No Plan Scrapbooking – Paperclipping 237

Thursday, March 20th, 2014

paperclipping 237

Ever run out of time to scrapbook before you get to the actual scrapbooking part?

Maybe you spent the time looking for a sketch or a bit of inspiration to get your page design idea.

Maybe figuring out the photo sizes for a unique design, and then trying to remember how to get that unusual size to work with your printer, took up all your time.

Or maybe you had to pull out your next stack of pictures and shop for the perfect products to compliment them.

Before you knew it your time was up and the family was waiting for dinner.

Know what I’m talking about?

Some of us get a thrill out of planning, and if that is you, then I’m not suggesting you eliminate this prized part of the process. But if the planning stages of scrapbooking are keeping you from digging into the part of the hobby you really get joy from, I want to share how I’ve eliminated almost all planning from my scrapbooking.

I want to show you some methods you can use so you can jump right into the page!

Ready to dive in with me?

I scrapbooked two layouts on video, talking you through the process, and released it to the Paperclipping Members.

If you’re not yet a member, CLICK HERE to learn about a membership so you can get started right away!

If you’re a member, you’ll find your new video in the Member’s Area and on iTunes.


Shine On,

It’s Finally Here: Romantic Scrapbooking Course

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

Such a Romantic (closeup)
It’s now live!

I can’t tell you how excited I am for this. I think you’ll love it.

We’ve launched it with a deep discount for the next three days!

CLICK HERE to find out about the course and the promotion discount. :)

Ideas for Radiant Orchid, Part 2 – Paperclipping 232

Monday, December 30th, 2013

paperclipping 232

What’s the big deal about Pantone’s Radiant Orchid?

It’s just lavender, right?

Well, not really. From what I understand of lavender, it is a whiter version of pure purple. Pure purple is a balanced mix of blue and red. Lavender is a simple color.

Orchid, on the other hand, is more complex. What does that mean? Somewhere along the way, either during the mixing of purple, or after the purple was already mixed, pink and fuchsia are blended into it.

Complex colors draw us in more because there is so much to discover about them. It takes longer for the eye to see and register their nuances. They’re also more interesting to combine with other colors because each color you pair with a complex color will enhance and emphasize a different “ingredient” of that color.

In terms of trends, Radiant Orchid is styling this year! Before Pantone announced its color choice to represent the current thought, ideas, and desires of our culture, fashion experts predicted pink as a hot trendy color for 2014. Orchid, with its infusion of pink and fuchsia, is just the right type of purple to hit the scene.

Radiant Orchid and Color Temperature

Complex colors can be easier to mix and match with different color temperatures because there is bigger mix of warm and cool within them.

In Ideas for Radiant Orchid, Part 1 I shared a cool color combination, and then showed how you can take that same group of colors, but go darker and more vibrant with it.

In today’s episode, Ideas for Radiant Orchid, Part 2, we go warm with orchid. I share one combination that is darker and vibrant and on the cooler spectrum of warms. Then we move into a softer muted palette that is far warmer.

Watching both episodes should help you see how many directions you can take a single color. Especially when you consider all the other colors I DIDN’T use that we could still pair with Radiant Orchid.

In Part 2 I also share some super fun techniques that will give you brilliant results! If you’re a Paperclipping Member you can watch this video now in the Member’s Area or on iTunes.

Not a member? Click here for information!

Ideas for Radiant Orchid, Part 1 – Paperclipping 231

Friday, December 27th, 2013

paperclipping 231

What do you think of the Pantone color choice for 2014: Radiant Orchid?

The captivating, magical and enchanting Radiant Orchid. An invitation to innovation, modern and versatile Radiant Orchid encourages creativity and originality. Imbued with a harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones, Radiant Orchid inspires confidence and its rosy undertones emanate great joy, love and health.

The Pantone color choices are not necessarily based on the hottest trend in color, though their color choices sometimes become just that. The color has to do with overall emerging trends in all creative sectors, including what we value as a society, or the way we think about things. That implies something for scrapbookers — something larger than just a fashion fad for the year.

In capturing memories and who we are in our scrapbooks, the Pantone color will help you tell the story of some of what our society wants and values right now. According to the statement above, what society most wants and values right now is:

  • innovation
  • modernity
  • versatility
  • creativity
  • originality
  • confidence
  • joy
  • love
  • health

You can use Radiant Orchid to give a sense of who we are and what we want in our place in time.

How You Can Use Radiant Orchid in Your Scrapbooks

You might be wondering how you would use this color in scrapbooking, or whether you want to use it at all. It doesn’t have to be the main color. Radiant Orchid is gorgeous as a supportive accent color.

Need some ideas for color combinations?

I’m making two videos this month on ideas for using Radiant Orchid in your scrapbooking. Part 1 shares ideas for cooler toned color palettes. Part 2 focuses more on warmer palettes.

I’ve already released Part 1. Paperclipping Members can find it in the Member’s Area and on iTunes. You must be a member to view the video tutorial. Click here for info about a membership.

I will be adding the Part 2 video in a few days. UPDATE: Click here for Ideas for Radiant Orchid, Part 2.

If you’re unsure about this this color, definitely watch the videos. I’ve quickly fallen in love with Radiant and am having so much fun adding it in as a new regular color option!

Two-Page Layouts for Holidays – Paperclipping 230

Saturday, November 30th, 2013

paperclipping 230

Do you ever make two-page layouts anymore?

I thought I was done with the double standard page, as I’ve been enjoying mixing pocket pages with a standard 12×12 scrapbook page when I feel the need. But this month I proved myself wrong. With the desire to scrapbook a Thanksgiving story and my own 40th birthday this month, I found myself wanting to do an old-fashioned two-page layout with no pocket pages.

So I did both!

  • I used an old favorite Thanksgiving layout as inspiration for my new one, which turned out quite different from the first.
  • The birthday page is entirely new, based on the needs of 11 photos and LOTS of fun ephemera from a rather wild night.

You can see all of it come together, step-by-step, in the newest episode of Paperclipping!

Paperclipping Members can view the video in the Member’s Area or on iTunes.

Are you not a member? Want a bit of info on a membership?


Nine Great Places to Create Layers and Gatherings

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

You Are My Sunshine (closeup)

Do you love layers and gatherings of embellishments on your scrapbook pages?

Want to know some good places to put them? There are lots of great places. Here are nine I’ve used lately, along with a few tips for creating attractive and intriguing layers!

Click to read more…

Gathering to Make Lines – Paperclipping 227

Friday, October 18th, 2013

paperclipping 227

Want another fresh design idea that you can use in a whole bunch of new ways?

Well, we do embellishment gatherings all the time, where we cluster embellishments into a spot. Let’s take the idea of gathering items together, but instead, we’ll gather with the purpose of forming lines.

Lines are amazing elements of design because you can use them to anchor your photos and embellishments, and prevent them from appearing like they’re floating. You can also use lines to lead the eye to important spots, such as your main photo.

What kinds of things can you gather into lines? Almost anything…

  • scraps
  • embellishments of all kinds
  • border strips
  • tags
  • labels
  • frames
  • ribbons
  • rub-on’s
  • flowers

I think I’ve gathered all of these at one time or another.

Gathering a whole bunch of a single type of item makes a big statement. It has a lot of impact.

So instead of taking that sheet of labels and using them one by one on various pages, try using all of them in a line gathering on one page in a line that intersects with your focal point photo. It can look really cool, while anchoring your photo at the same time.

Need to see it in action?

I just released a video where I made line gatherings out of the first three items in the list above. In this video you get to see me assemble three different scrapbook layouts, each with its own line gathering.

This video is now available in the Member’s Area and on iTunes. You must be a Paperclipping Member to get the video.

CLICK HERE for information about a membership.

Shine On,

How to Balance Color Across the Page – Paperclipping 226

Monday, September 30th, 2013

paperclipping 226

There are so many reasons a layout might feel off.

A common one is that the color is not balanced across the page.

Any time you add an item to your page, you need to repeat that color in a couple different ways:

  1. across the page
  2. up-and-down the layers

How do you do that?

Well, let’s say you have aqua on the side of your page. You need to add aqua somewhere across the page at least once, though often twice. And if you add multiple layers of other colors on top of the aqua, then your aqua is in that bottom layer and you’ll need to add more aqua somewhere in a top layer.

If the various colors aren’t spread out in multiple places, then items look random and call way too much attention to themselves. When you find yourself continuously drawn to an item and you feel the slightest hint of discomfort, then you know that the item isn’t fitting in with the rest of the page in a balanced way.

Want to see how it all works in action? Want to see how to tell when it’s all balanced, and when it’s not?

I made a single page layout and a two-page layout step-by-step in a video. You’ll get to see how color can get off-balance and then balanced again with every additional item. You’ll see ways to fix a color balance problem. You’ll see the difference between getting it and not getting it, and you’ll be better able to spot the problems next time.

This video is now in the Member’s Area and in the Member’s iTunes feed.

If you’re not a Paperclipping Member, click here for info!

Five Ways to Mix Pocket Pages with Standard Scrapbook Pages

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

Fairy 1 (1)

Do you lament the day 2-page layouts disappeared from publication?

Not only do I still do 2-pagers, but I do 3-, 4-, and even 5-pagers sometimes. But I do them by mixing pocket pages with standard scrapbook pages.

I absolutely love the way they look, in addition to the ease of them!

Here are five different ways to put together a scrapbook story with a mix of standard and pocket pages.

Click to read more…