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Problem with This Week’s PRT Recording

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

The recording of the Paperclipping Roundtable was scheduled for today but for the first time our internet is down in our local area and we were not able to record. This week’s show will now be next week’s show.

We apologize to all of you who have been hitting the refresh button for a while now, patiently waiting! We love that our loyal audience has a healthy addiction to the show and our fabulous guests! It is only our desire to satiate said addiction.

While you wait, here’s something fun to enjoy…

Izzy is in full Project Life mode!
Project Life for Izzy
Project Life for Izzy
Project Life for Izzy

As a side note: Yes, it is Jan 31st and we still have our Christmas tree up. That’s how busy we get after CHA. Haven’t even had time to think about putting Christmas away. That’s okay, we love having a tree up. We’re dorky that way. :)


How to Mix Patterns – Paperclipping 209

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

paperclipping 209
Do you end up with many leftovers from your scrapbook kits or from manufactured paper lines?

One of the more valuable skills that comes from having a good design eye is to be able to mix and match patterns from different lines. You can take your products so much further if you create new “lines” or “kits” by mixing and matching what you have.

When you identify which of your different products look great together, it’s possible to actually use up entire lines and kits! ;)

Lisa Noell

And check out what a different look I was able to get for the two scrapbook pages in the pictures for this post. Two very different looks for two very different stories, even though both layouts began from the same scrapbook line.

Try it today, or this weekend!

Pick a line you love, and then find some leftovers that have lost their luster but that will match some of your new exciting line. Then tell me if you don’t feel renewed excitement in the older products as well!

If you need to expand your skills for mixing patterns, you’ll love the newest video I just put out for Paperclipping Members. Members can find this video in the Member’s Area or on iTunes.

Not a member? Join us now to get immediate access to 209 video tutorials, including today’s video on how to mix patterns!

Click here for info.

Becky Higgins Shows New Project Life Products at CHA 2013

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

Becky Higgins shows her new Project Life products at CHA 2013 and we get a look at all of the new lines.

Your Favorite Scrapbooking Stuff at Paperclipping in 2012

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013

Want to know what the most popular Paperclipping videos, Roundtable, and blog posts of 2012 are? One has almost a hundred-thousand views, but I’m not going to take credit for that one! Here we go…

Most Popular Scrapbooking Video Tutorial

Video Tutorial – Set Yourself Up for Unique Mini-Books – Paperclipping 198

First off, we’re sharing our most popular member video of 2012 here for free!

This is the video that the Paperclipping Members have watched the most. Keep in mind, the newest videos are at a disadvantage in this contest because there hasn’t been as much time to watch them (this isn’t a scientifically sound contest!).

Click the player above to watch.

In this episode I share some specific things you can do to set yourself up for making creative unique mini-books. I share…

  • Something that will help you to free your mind from the overly rigid way of thinking about pages and covers.
  • The kinds of everyday life items I keep for future minibook pages and covers that will be totally unique, including all of thosee items that I have in my stash right now.
  • Some of the characteristics I look for in an item that suggests to me it will be a good possibility as a page or cover.
  • How I store all these random items that will eventually become parts of my minibooks.
  • How to turn your store-bought mini-books into something entirely original.
  • Two actual examples of turning an every day item into a mini-book page. You’ll see how I transform two non-scrapbooking items into pages for my family’s Hawaii mini album.

2nd Place Video
Tiny Baby (closeup)
And I must say I’m proud of the 2nd Place video, too – Coordinate Photos with Ephemera and Stories – Paperclipping 196. It’s a new concept I devised that has revolutionized my entire system for scrapbooking. Now I never lose track of what stories have what photos and which ephemera. It’s a system for where I go when to choose what I’ll scrapbook, whenever I want to sit down to play.

You can see the blog post for that video episode here, or if you’re a member you can watch it in the Member’s Area.

Most Popular Scrapbooking Blog Posts

I decided to share both the 1st and 2nd place blog posts because the first is a Project Life page. Not all of you are into project life, so fortunately, the 2nd place page is a standard layout post with ten different page examples.

Project Life 2012: My Intro Page
Project Life- Intro closeup
Click here to see the full blog post.

Ten Scrapbook Layout Ideas with 5 to 6 Photos
Lots of Drama
Click here to see the full blog post.

Most Popular Episode of the Scrapbooking Audio Podcast and Talk Show, The Paperclipping Roundtable

Talking Technique – PRT 127

Loading the player …

This episode has been downloaded almost 10,000 times. It’s with guests Tim Holtz, Jen McGuire, and Laura Denison. Click the player to listen!

Most Popular Video from CHA with Almost 100,000 Views!

This is the most popular demo video at the Craft & Hobby Association Trade Show! It’s Tim Holtz giving us an exclusive demo of his Distress Markers!

Coolest Contribution of Paperclipping Members

Okay, this isn’t part of the popularity contest, but I think it’s really great. A year ago Paperclipping started giving some of the income from the Paperclipping Membership to women in the Philippines who are struggling to run a business and feed their families. We do this through an amazing non-profit organization called, Kiva.

Simplicia is a recent recipient of one of our loans. She has a vegetable farm and needs help purchasing fertilizer and seedlings. Much appreciation to our Paperclipping Members whose membership makes these contributions possible!

My Own Most Favorite Scrapbook Layouts of 2012

Tomorrow I’m going to share my own most favorite pages from 2012. Here’s a little peek…
Finding Freedom (closeup)

So what are your favorites from Paperclipping? Do you have a different favorite PRT episode from 2012? If you’re a member, what’s your favorite video tutorial from last year? Do you have a blog post you bookmarked or pinned that you liked even better than the two winners I shared above? Let me know what you liked best!

A Process for Project Life – Paperclipping 203

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

paperclipping 203

Where do you start?

You start with the big stuff.

What am I talking about?

Oh, just about any subject that has to do with filling spaces.

I once saw a video by Stephen Covey, author of Seven Habits for Highly Effective People. If I remember right, he had a bunch of rocks he wanted to fit into a container.

But when he dumped them in we saw there was no way they could fit

There was a trick to it.

He started over and he put the big ones in first. Then he dumped all the small ones in. As long as the big ones were in first, the small rocks were able to fill in all the little gaps and everything fit just right.

He calls this the third habit of highly effective people: Put first things first.

This applies to scrapbooking, too. It’s why I decide how I want to place my photos before I start wandering into other territory, like what colors or patterns I’ll use.

It’s why I focus on building a foundation (photos, bigger papers and important lines) before pulling out embellishments. The embellishments are the detailing.

If you have a good foundation, the detailing comes easily.

This applies to standard scrapbook pages and Project Life, as well.

This week I decided to make a video of me putting a Project Life spread together from beginning to end. I also show how I keep up with this project, even though I can’t get my photos printed weekly.

The video is for Paperclipping Members, so if you’re a member you can go check it out now!

Want to learn about a membership? CLICK HERE!

Shine On,

Project Life: Wk 13 – Half Spreads for Small Weeks (and other helpful tips)

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

Project Life: Wk 12

It’s been a while since I shared a Project Life spread!

In the week before this one I only took three pictures. Everything fit into the left side and the front of a 6×12 page protector. Since it concerns me to have so many massive scrapbook albums, I like to shoot for a single page instead of a double when I can. It saves space and resources.

What do you then do with the following and the other half of the spread? Click to read more…

Photo Stories 2012: Make Project Life Easier

Friday, February 24th, 2012

Project Life: Wk 6

Spending more time on Project Life than you think you should?

Welcome back, Photo Stories 2012!

A couple people asked me how long it takes me to put together my Project Life weekly spreads.
Click to read more…

Scrapbooking Outside the Page Protector – Paperclipping 187

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

paperclipping 187

Do you ever get bummed when your beautiful dimensional page flattens inside the page protector?

Do you ever wish your standard scrapbook pages could have the yummy interaction and 3-dimensionality of a minibook?

Ready to think outside of the box to get the best of both worlds?

Here’s a tip!

You don’t have to choose just one. Try this:

Protect your photos, ephemera, and standard pages behind page protectors, but add some fun goodies to the outside of the plastic!

For Your Entertainment (intro page)

I’ve been doing this for a few years now. It works, it’s beautiful, and it’s really fun!

Need some ideas?

I shared a bunch in the newest Paperclipping Video tutorial this week! You’ll see many very different ways to scrapbook outside the page protectors for both standard layouts and for Project Life, too!

Paperclipping Members can go watch right now in the Member’s Area or on iTunes.

If you’re not a member, click here to learn more!

Project Life: Week 5

Monday, February 20th, 2012

Project Life: Wk 5

Catching up on posting Project Life, still! Week 6 is coming soon.
Click to read more…

Project Life: Week 4 (the simplest spread ever)

Friday, February 10th, 2012

Project Life Week 4

Just trying to catch up on posting my Project Life spreads!

I decided to only take this week to Friday and include Saturday in the next week, since that’s the day we left for CHA. I want to see the whole CHA trip in one spread.
Click to read more…