Capture the Magic of Your Christmas Stories – Paperclipping 277


Does your Christmas album capture the magic you love about the holiday?

As much as I love scrapbooking about Christmas, I’ve been confused for several years as to why I haven’t loved my Christmas album. Looking through it has done nothing for me; does not capture the Christmas magic.

As November approached I put my mind on this problem and — probably as a direct result of a story Stacy Julian shared in our most recent Deep Dive course — I figured out why!

So now I have a new direction and already my plan has ignited a fire which led to a five-page layout about one of my own special Christmas stories from childhood. I am super excited about where I’m taking my album now.

So of course, I shot video of this entire process:

  1. The “before” version of my Christmas album.
  2. The new direction I’m taking with the album.
  3. The making of a five-page layout with multiple connections between my childhood Christmas story and my adult Christmas story.

This new member video kicks off the holiday season of Paperclipping!

Coming up next is a post with my Christmas Product Picks and Un-picks. And over the next few videos you will see me re-develop my Christmas album with my new plan, and you’ll see me working in the Nutcracker Ballet album, as well.

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  • Loved this!

    First: unbrellus! <3

    Second: can't wait to see how this album evolves. I haven't scrapbooked Christmas much (which is weird, because I ADORE Christmas), but now I'm putting together an album that I picture myself pulling out every December to look through with Nora. I've been thinking about how to arrange it (childhood, pre-Nora, post-Nora), so this video was very timely. She's only had one Christmas so far, but I already have a comparison page I want to make with photos of her and I snooping under the tree on our first Christmases. I need to dig out my childhood albums and find all the other photos of me snooping through the years. :)

    Third: it's so cool that your parents saved all of this stuff from your childhood.

  • Tina Campbell

    Such a cool idea and concept :) I’ll have to look through some old photos to see if I can come up with old stories like that :) I did do one with my love of photography that came from my first camera, but that was it. So cool that you found all those old letters saved like that :) I look forward to see how you progress with the album :)

  • Cyndi

    Amazing memorabilia! I love how you used the washi tape to connect the page to the others. Great idea. Looking forward to seeing how you refocus your Christmas album.

  • Debbie Piercey

    Love this Noell! I have found scrapbooking Christmas a very daunting task. I think because it gets to feel too repetitive. This is a brilliant idea. Love your pages and that you have that memorabilia saved! Great video!

  • Gabrielle McCann

    Can’t wait to watch!

  • Melissa LaFavers

    I think this is my favorite Paperclipping video ever. I am so inspired right now! Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos from childhood Christmases, nor do I have the memorabilia, but I would like to find ways to incorporate those childhood memories into my scrapbooking.

    I have done some Christmas Past stories as part of my Journal Your Christmas album, and those are some of my favorite pages. Last year, I did a page with a photo of my parents’ tree the first year they were married, and another year, I did a page about how much my mother loved Christmas, with pictures I took as a young woman of her wrapping gifts.

    These stories of the past are so precious. Thank you for inspiring me to tell more, Noell. :)

  • Cheri Stine

    I think this was my very favorite video ever! I loved how you described a problem (one which I share–my Christmas album is not nearly as special as my Christmases actually are) and then provided a step by step process video as to how you are going to solve the problem. I am so inspired to go tackle my Christmas album now, but who will finish my Christmas shopping if I do? I also think you are so very clever to solve the problem of the not-red-enough paper by simply adding washi tape. Thanks so much for this video. Can’t wait to see what you do next with this album!