By Being Creative We Fall in Love with the World

I remember an interesting conversation I had with someone a few years ago. We disagreed on the source of human goodness — the things necessary or unnecessary to motivate a person to be a source of good and love in the world.

This morning I found someone — a photographer — who communicated my thoughts in a beautiful and moving way through his words, his stories, and his photography. Janet White shared this six minute talk on her photography + creativity blog and I knew I had to share it with you.

A few points that stand out to me:

  1. By being creative we fall in love with the world. When we are in love with the world, we are the best we can be and can do the most good.
  2. Magic happens when you combine learned skills with your intuition and creative passion.
  3. Beauty and inspiration is out there every day in everything we do to infuse us with creativity and with love.
  4. As the communicator, the story-teller, the photographer, it’s up to me to recognize and show the beauty where it’s not always obvious — through my words, through my art, and through my lens.
  • Amjohnson

    He was a keynote speaker at the Creative Memories Convention one year – I bought his video. He had an amazing presentation. ~Ann

  • Nice! Lucky you!

  • Anonymous

    beautiful. TFS.

  • Karen Han?m

    Thanks for sharing this, Noell. I really enjoyed it.
    Karen Han?m

  • Toni

    There’s a video I absolutely love as well, for similar reasons, though the scope through which the perspective is shared may be different.
    “How do we start believing that life can only be carried in the hands of the unhurried?” Love that quote. I’m really looking forward to reading her book.

    I really related to point # 5 above. I consider my ability to do that, to be able to really SEE the beauty in moments that are seemingly insignificant or even forgettable, as a wonderful gift from my creator.

  • AWESOME! Thanks so much for sharing this — it is moving and inspired!

  • Great video!
    On another note, I finally signed up for a Paperclipping Membership :) Thank you for the coupon code! I had been thinking about becoming a member for a while and that was a nice incentive.

  • Thanks, Toni — I like that question, “How many moments have my eyes been
    wide open?”

    I’m definitely focusing right now on slowing things down and always be
    present in the moment.

  • Thank you for your membership, Sara!!!

  • toni

    Me too, Noell. I actually chose the word “present” for 2011. I do tend to TRY to be in the moment anyway, but this year I want to really consider those very simple moments that matter, that seem to just slip by.

  • Exactly me, too! I do a good job being in the moment a lot of the time and
    want to do it even more!

  • Inookee5

    Thank you for sharing this video, his as well as his amazing photos are inspirational.

  • Wow! My head is full of realized possibilities. Thanks.