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Need ideas for using small scrapbooking bits and scraps, AND a jumping off point for layouts?

Here’s why you don’t need to use up time and space (including digital space) gathering, collecting, and searching for sketches. All you need are a few basic hidden “structures” in your mind, which will lead to unique pages every single time.

This works for any timeless style or new trend. These few structures are so simple to remember they don’t need to be sketched.

This is how I come up with my Flexible Templates. And the reason I don’t make new flexible template videos as often anymore is because I really only use a few basic ideas for how I lay out a page.

I use these same ideas over and over again, but you would never guess that by looking at the pages.

See for yourself.

Scrapbooking Templates

The key is to have an underlying hidden structure — a shape. This shape gives you a very general idea of where you can place things on a page to create a balanced look. There’s all kinds of room for creativity and individuality from that one shape and it’s so simple and easy because the shape guides your placement.

I wanted to demonstrate this so I made a video where I take one of my Flexible Templates, which I shared over a year ago, and use it to make three pages in an updated style using scraps and and small pieces.

Dog or Goat?
Dog or Goat?
Be Yourself & Love It
Be Yourself & Love It
Yet Another Day @ Starbucks
Yet Another Day @ Starbucks

Do you want help with small scraps? Do you wonder what you can do with all those small pieces so common in today’s newest product collections and kits? Each of the three pages is made completely with cardstock and lots of those little bits and scraps.

But the cool thing is you’ll get to see how this works whether you’re using small scraps or big pieces of paper, too. No matter what products you have or what style you like, you could scrap a lifetime of pages off this one simple concept.

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  • Jennifer G.

    Excellent episode! I have learned so much from you Noell. I am going to a scrapbook weekend with my Mom, two sisters, an aunt, and a cousin (and about 20 other various persons, some I know personally and some I don’t) in about a week and a half and I am excited to try out some new techniques and layout designs while I am there. I go away for a weekend twice a year, once in February and once in April and my unpacking was halted after my last scrap weekend by a craft area rearrange that has been taking me way to long. Haven’t had time to do any actual scrapbooking lately and I am having withdrawal Upon my return from this scrap weekend I will be able to unpack everything in an organized fashion so I can get my scrap on more regularly. I am especially excited to try some of your flexible templates. Thanks again for Paperclipping and the Roundtable!

  • That sounds like so much fun, Jennifer! You’ll have some ideas to get your started right away!! Good luck with your unpacking/area rearranging when you get back. It’s not easy, I know!

  • Great episode :)

  • Bethany

    Thanks for another great video. I just recently became a member, and I have absolutely fallen in love with your videos and the Paperclipping Roundtable. I feel like I have found new friends! The layouts that you made in this video are very different from the ones I normally make, but I think I’m going to try this. I love the idea of flexible templates, but I’m always nervous about starting a layout without a sketch! But your videos are pushing me out of my comfort zone and I’m excited about that. Thanks so much!

  • Awesome! Thank you for your membership and welcome to Paperclipping! :) Outside of your comfort zone is one of the best places a person can go. Good luck!!

  • Iceteeeeee

    I love hearing about and watching your processes unfold! Your unique style and fresh outlook adds so much. If anyone is on the fence about paying for a membership, let this be your little push from me to sign up now! You won’t be disappointed. Thanks for all you do, Noell and Izzy.

  • Thank you! What a nice thing to say! :)

  • Allison Paul

    Loved this episode! Totally had to do a layout.

  • Jennifer G.

    I didn’t really use bits and pieces, but I did, for the first time, use one of your flexible templates, use spray ink, use a non-Creative Memories kit, use embellishments made from the same paper kit and glossy accents, used one picture on a layout that was less than 5×7, used flags, and used bakers twine. The photo of the layout is a little crooked, not the paper. Don’t take photos of my layouts very often. Entire page done in less than an hour, not counting drying times. Thank you for all of your inspiration.

  • Jennifer G.

    I don’t see the photo I thought I attached. Here is the share link from Instagram. Hope it works.

  • Was it just your first time using one of my Flexible Templates? Or also your first time doing all those other things — using a non-CM kit, one picture less 5×7, etc? If so — wow, congratulations on getting out of your comfort zone and doing some new stuff!

  • Yay, it worked! Thanks for sharing. I love that note from your daughter and her little P.S. about signing her name! It looks to me like those hearts gathered on the side were the embellishments from paper with glossy accents. They look great! I also really like the pendants up on top. :)

  • Jennifer G.

    It was my first time doing all of those things. I should probably just try one thing at a time, but I have been so excited about everything I hear on Paperclipping Roundtable and your videos that it has been hard. I did heat embossing to change the color of some flowers and also did some stamping on my layouts for the first time in February. I plan on using a mask/template (I only bought one to see how I like it) with some spray ink for the first time at my weekend crop coming up on Friday.

  • Jennifer G.

    Her older sister and brother rarely write in cursive and complain when I ask them to sign things. I had just asked them to sign some forms for school and Grace told them that she loves signing her name. At some point during the evening she much of written this note which is from a pad on our fridge. I thought it was super cute and totally showed her personality. She had also made a complaint that week about the fact that I done a scrapbook page about each of her siblings individually recently and had not done one about her, so the timing was perfect. I had to laugh at one of the Paperclipping Roundtable episodes when someone said that their children don’t pay attention to how many pages are about them specifically. I am not saying that my children count their pages, but they look at my books A LOT and they notice if there are many more pages about one child than the other. I actually don’t do individual papers often. Many of my pages include pictures of all three of them either together or each of them individually on the same page.

  • Wow! Congratulations! It’s always exciting trying new things!!

  • Jennifer G.

    And yes, the the two red/pink hearts next to the picture were from the paper and, it is hard to tell from the picture, but also a red heart at the top left and the black one that overlaps the note towards the bottom center. I tried to do a visual triangle. Still working on that part of my design.