Binge-Cutting, Experimenting, & Staying Organized – Paperclipping 273


Are you a binge-cutter?

If not, what is preventing you? Is it the question of where you’ll put all your resulting cuts?

Is it possible that a lack of binge-cutting has kept you from using your die cuts and cut files as much as you would like?

What is binge-cutting?

It’s when you make several cuts in one sitting, usually from an electronic cutter like the Silhouette Cameo, even if you’re not sure if and when you’ll use all of them. You could also call it blind-cutting.

I know from my own experience that I rarely use my Cameo to make cuts once I’ve sat down to scrapbook, even though I love it, and I love my cut files. But if I already have cuts that I made in the past, I easily find uses for them when I’m scrapbooking. They don’t sit in my stash for very long.

Electronic cutting requires you to get on your computer, look through your library or the store to find a cut file that will go with your scrapbooking, and then pull it up, size and adjust it, and then cut. I tend not to even think about it as an option.

But if I run into pieces I cut some time ago, I very, very often use them immediately.

If you’re like me, then you will get much more use out of your electronic cuts if you cut a bunch of them ahead of time, too (I choose white cardstock if I don’t have a specific idea in mind).

What is the drawback of binge-cutting?

Well, the big one is having a bunch of unused cuts and not knowing what to do with them, which means they often end up in piles on our work space.

Not. Good.

Don’t worry. In this week’s video tutorial I did some binge-cutting and experimenting, and shared some different ideas for what you can do with all those cuts that you can’t possibly scrapbook with right away.

I also put a layout together with some of the pieces, and did quite a bit of playing (an example in images above and below).

I hope you enjoy the tutorial.

The video is available now in the Member’s Area and on iTunes.

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  • Lezlee Alexander

    Looking forward to the episode! In fact, I’m THOROUGHLY enjoying my recent subscription to PRT thanks to my friend – a member – who recently let me know a) I need an APP for the podcasts on my Android (ahhhhhh!) and b) your recent pricing change in the memberships. As a long-time scrapper and behind-the-scenes follower of you guys, I’m TOTALLY loving catching up on the podcasts on my daily walks and while working around the house. I haven’t started in on the videos yet but am really looking forward to making the time for that as the price is now VERY much in my price bracket. Thank you SO MUCH for making the leap to such a BIG drop in the pricing to enable (I suspect) a LOT more members. I just poked onto the forums and realized that’s a separate log-in/membership process but am now hooked into that also. LOVE feeling so much more “connected” to the scrappy community. REALLY feeling MUCH more inspired to get scrapping again, which has been set aside FAR too long for “too busy,” guilt of allowing myself the pleasure of it for so many other groups/kids/activities needing time, sticking w/ card making more lately as it’s somehow quicker/smaller, I’m LEARNING lots already from the industry leaders you host on the PRT – and I’ve been at this since 2000 AND live in metro-Phoenix where supplies, classes, and options abound. THANK YOU for being here, and all you do and offer in your already busy lives to share and inspire the rest of us! LOVE this community!

  • Lezlee Alexander

    @Anandi – after I sign in to the Paperclipping Membership area, my Android gives me a couple of options – for the HD version it suggests Chrome or what I use for my PRT audio (Podcast Addict) and I tell it Chrome. Works fine! (not getting the Disqus system to let me answer you any other way yet – training wheels are clearly still on for me!) ;-)

  • Anandi Raman Creath

    Thanks! Sorry, I deleted my comment because I read further and saw you hadn’t started the videos yet.

  • Lezlee Alexander

    Ah! That explains! (not as weird as I was afraid of! lol!) Haven’t watched start to finish yet, but HAVE tested it out! ;-) Chrome is doing it. Good luck!

  • Robin

    Thanks Noell for inspiring me to do some binge cutting! I’ve often thought if I would just take an evening and spend the time making some cuts for projects I have in progress, I’d get way more use out of my cameo. I love it, but it does seem (for me!) to take time to make exactly what I want, when I’m working on something. Don’t get me wrong, I love taking the time. But when I’m scrapping, I just really want to put stuff together. I think I would enjoy making cuts for things I know I want to do. That way they’ll get used, but I will have the freedom to put something together even if I only have a few minutes to work on it, rather than having to spend the time making titles and cuts then.
    Very excited to get working on this, maybe tonight!! THANKS for the inspiration!! And I LOVE that large circles cut!!! Perfect!!

  • Terri Cannell

    Thanks for the great ideas. It reminded me about your great kit making videos and really has me thinking I should try this. I have some kits I’ve purchased that I LOVE, but have some items I love and some not-so-much. I want to think about which kits might work for the bigger stories I want to tell and start doing some scouting around my stash to add items to them to make them more ‘MY’ style. Also, I’d like to try binge cutting and see if I can add to them, and also make embellies and words for my project life pages. I KNOW I could definitely binge cut some sayings… like ‘today’, ‘us’, ‘yummo’, ‘true love’, etc. :) I love the idea of using white and watercoloring them.
    Your “Maker” layout is brilliant!
    Now I want to go back and re-watch your videos on kit making. I love the colors in yours. Thanks for all you do!

  • Jenn Lynn

    I love these episodes – so nice to hear the thought process behind the layouts and the photos. My 12 year old son could be a long lost relative to your son – complete with the detailed AK-47 out of paper! No judging here! Plays piano, loves origami and from a very young age enjoyed the “contructions” (his early word for instructions) for things like lego sets. He loves his STEM class and I think PLTW is an excellent pic of the week – many scrappy friends here may have ‘maker’ offspring they are not sure what to do with. I also enjoyed the paperclipping membership video where Noell showed how the page actually came together! Thanks again for another great roundtable episode!!