Big Picture Classes Class Giveaway!

*Giveaway is now closed* We’ll announce the winner in next week’s episode.

Karen Grunberg’s class, Reclaiming My Time starts at BPC in December and she’s giving away one class to the Paperclipping Roundtable audience!

*You may purchase the class now and BPC will reimburse you if you win!*

Click here to find Karen’s class and its description.

Karen will choose a random winner on Sunday night, Nov. 13th and we’ll announce that winner in the next show episode!

To enter her giveaway, please tell us what your recent difficulty has been in designing, completing, or feeling happy with your scrapbook pages or mini-books.

  • Janelle Heise

    I am finding my biggest challenge is “white page syndrome”.  I’m uninspired and don’t feel like I know where to start.

  • Amylashelle

    My biggest problem is comparing myself to others work.

  • Mom Cheryl

    I am far from perfect but I somehow think that my scrapbook pages/mini-book pages should be perfect. I have perfectionist syndrome even though I’m not normally a perfectionist. Does that make any sense? I’m trying just to make pages without letting this get in my way but it seems to be getting in my way again.

  • My most recent challenge (when making my own minibook out of upcycled cardboard) was deciding what dimensions to use — how much bigger the cover should be than the inside pages, etc.  I’ve only made a couple. 

  • Connie

    My biggest challenge to scrapbook pages is having too many good things to do, I got overwhelmed with where to start.

  • Amy W.

    i’m thinking of going digital and what’s stopping me from making photo books is the possibility of wanting to add to them later. But I don’t want to have a bunch of bulky 3-ring binders: been there, done that; and I don’t have the storage space. So my big difficulty in making or feeling happy with creating a page is storage or what to do with the finished product! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • My biggest challenge is setting aside time and being confident in my designs. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Teresa

    My biggest challenge is feeling like I need to capture everything…I’m not very good at capturing just enough of the everyday little things to paint the bigger picture of our lives. I get bogged down by indecision and overwhelmed with wanting to do it ALL.

  • Kathy R

    I am too hard on myself. I fiddle with a layout forever trying to get it just right. Sometimes I’m happy with it, sometimes I finally just give up. But I love this hobby and since most people love my layouts, they must not be too bad.

  • Jeannett_mcgee

    Sometimes I have trouble just getting everything just right and where I want it to be.  I tend to like to have a jumping off point or inspiration.  thanks for a chance to win. 

  • Susan Manohar

    I’m honestly not happy with my album choice (or lack thereof) at this point. I stopped using a certain brand that I liked very much, but has become more and more expensive, and I can’t seem to find anything that I’m happy with. It actually puts a damper on my scrapbooking because I feel like I want to have a place to store my pages immediately!

  • 9isfine

    My biggest hurdle is finding a nice balance while using many photos on my layouts.  I never make one photo layouts and love lots of pictures.  Sometimes my layouts look cluttered. 

  • Kary

    This sounds like a really wonderful class for a person who has so little time in a day!  {grin} I think I have difficulty starting a mini-book/album because it takes too long to edit/find the photos, coordinating papers and to think of a theme.  I have great intentions and have bought supplies but I just can’t get started ;( So, do you think this class will help me get started..? or is there no hope for me..hehe. Thanks for the chance, though!

  • I think my difficulty is in how I manage my time, that is why this class would be so helpful!

  • I signed up for the class immediately when it came out! I love Karen’s teaching and classes, always so meaningful!

  • Benteg

    As a student and a mother it´s hard to make time for scrapbooking, I also have some issues with comparing myself to others scrapbook work, everyone always have more fun layouts and nicer pages than I make. Noell have some fabulous videoes and are a enormous source of inspiration, and I learn very much of here teaching. Hopefully I will find my own style one day  and way in this jungle ;) 

  • Allie Duckienz

    My issue has been getting carried away with new stuff before finishing anything! I am so inspired by everything currently, it is amazing but not so good when I have dozens of unfinished projects now…

  • My recent difficulty has been–no surprise–finding the time. When I do have a moment, I feel overwhelmed with the amount of product I have surrounding me!  I’ve started to “help myself” by pruning the supplies and leaving out a few things that really inspire me, but still I can’t seem to make the time.

    I already purchased this class before the giveaway, so thank you for the opportunity to have it be reimbursed!

  • Deeann Cummins

    I buy endless products, take tons of classes, listen to paperclipping roundtable, visit countless creative blogs and get so excited about the multitude of creative possibilities and then FREEZE in the act of gluing it down and committing to one design when there are sooooo many ideas flying around in my head!  My granddaughter is almost 2 and I have made only a handful of pages for her. I am stuck in having-it-all and doing-nothing-with-it land. Help! 

  • Tammy Davis

    My biggest problem is just settling on a set of pictures and scrapbooking those with the “theme” papers that I have chosen. I am bad about – “I should save this paper for the Perfect Photo” (sadly enough, I carry this attitude into digital scrapbooking when I could use that paper over and over!) Thanks so much for a chance to win this class. I have a feeling it is exactly what I need!

  • Melinda Thao

    I sometimes lack confidence in my scrapping, like something’s missing or just not right about the layout. I know that the more I scrap, the better of a scrapper I’ll be and its something that I’m working on-making more time to scrap, using what I have, taking classes or participating in weekly/monthly blog challenges! Thanks for the chance, I’d love to take this class taught by Karen! 

  • Caroline

    My recent difficulty is feeling super creative but not having enough time to do anything substantial, due to commitments like working full time! I have tons of ideas in my head, but I’m not a fast scrapper and need more time than I appear to have..

  • I would love a spot in this class! My biggest problem is feeling like a page is “finished”–I always want to tweak it or add something, and it never really feels done!

  • Snapsandsnippets

    My biggest challenge is not knowing when to quit – I tend to overclutter pages.  I want to refine my style to be more open and simple.

  • benessi

    Just getting started. Once I get over that hurdle, everything falls into place, more or less. Gotta keep in mind that the main point is to get it done, not which area of the page the embellishments are attached to.. 

  • It’s hard for me to use my old embellishments with my new paper even though I want to use my old stuff.

  • Cropelf

    Hi Karen, I registered for your class weeks ago and can’t wait. My biggest challenge is figuring out what I want to do. I get stuck at the beginning and just can’t get out of the blocks so to speak.

  • Cori

    I keep trying to make a simple page with whitespace, but by the time I finish the l/o, I’ve gone and busied it up again. Very frustrating.

  • Magda

    When I at last, finally find time to sit down I find it difficult get started and use my time effectively, I sit and flip through pages without getting anything done… And with new papers and stuff not being used… along comes the guilt…
    I think I really need this class…

  • JillT

    Just Life.  I have been sneaking moments (and very infrequently) hours this fall but for me I don’t know if it is something a class would help.  I was just inspired by her assistance this week on WCS and thought I might give this class a shot to keep me in the mode (at least while the class is going on :)

  • Sharolyn

    Finding the time , it takes me so long to get started, and then so long to clean up because I really make a mess of everything trying to figure out what I want to do (stuff is scattered everywhere!) I am really looking forward to this class , win or lose, I’m in there~

  • davebarbtop

    My biggest challenge is my time management skills.  Secondly I am way behind in organizing my photos.  I know I have certain photos, but not all have been put in binders or put in smart folders.

  • Ruth from Australia

    my main difficulty is simply finding the time

  • My biggest challenge is not getting distracted looking for ideas on the internet.

  • GranmaQ

    I’m recouping from a major illness.  It has been over three months since I last scrapped.  I will scrap…I have many stories to tell!

  • Kayleen

    I have tendencies to not finish something on the page, put journalling in, put the date of the photo in or even find the photo to put in that fits with the story. I just never seem to get back to it, then it is forgotten. I am also starting to rethink why I am scrapping, i think i need some clarification of why MY stories are important, why I do this hobby!

  • Sorken

    My biggest challenge is to choose. Format, colour, font, photos… I now try to remind myself that there’s not just one perfect solution, so I don’t have to try out every possible combination.

  • Sorken

    My biggest challenge is to choose. Format, colour, font, photos… I now try to remind myself that there’s not just one perfect solution, so I don’t have to try out every possible combination.

  • Vfleslie

    I would love to win the class. Thanks for the chance! Leslie

  • Karennarelle

    it seems i never totally finish a layout, i usually still need to add the journalling. or it just needs “something”

  • My biggest challenge is keeping my scrap/work space clear and organized so I can actually work on a page or mini book. I also find that I don’t have enough direction to really accomplish bigger projects I want to do. Finding time, for me, is not the problem, it is what I do with that time. I feel like I should accomplish so much more with the time I do have, than I do. I need more direction. I need to figure out my “big picture” and prioritize my time so that I accomplish those things I think are important to me.