Big Changes…

Hey there, friends of Paperclipping. Izzy and I have important messages for both Paperclipping Members and for Roundtable listeners. You can listen to our announcement by clicking on the audio player below, or if you don’t want to go looking for your earbuds, you can read the announcements below the audio player.

I’ll get straight to the “what” of our announcements, and then tell you the “why” afterward.

Paperclipping Membership
You might have noticed that we switched the renewal period to just 6 months instead of a full year. The reason is that starting a year from now we will no longer be making new videos and the Paperclipping Membership will go away.

We are focusing now on making the final year of videos. We will make 24 more Paperclipping videos — 2 each month for the next 12 months until August 2017. Rest assured you will get every video you paid for.

Some of you have been members with us for years, some even from the very, very beginning. We are so thankful for all of you and that you’ve been a part of our lives as our children have grown up.

For the next 4-5 months people can purchase a new 6-month membership and Members can continue to renew for 6 months. After that it will no longer be possible to buy a membership. If you’ve been intending to sign up but just haven’t gotten around to it, you have a little more time before you no longer can. We expect we’ll stop selling new memberships around February.

All members will get all their videos until their memberships expire.

If your membership expires in February or later and you want to renew and stay a member until it’s completely ended, we’ll probably have a 3-month or month-by-month renewal option at that time. That way you can stick to the very end with us if you choose to.

I just want to emphasize that no matter when you got your membership, whether it was today, last month, or eight years ago, you will get all of the videos you have paid for. It is our top priority for Paperclipping and we thank all of you for being members.

Paperclipping Roundtable
I’m sorry to add to the message above that Izzy and I are also stopping our recording of the Paperclipping Roundtable. We didn’t know it at the time, but the last episode with Ali Edwards on mental health was our final episode.

The Paperclipping community, especially when it comes to the Roundtable and the intelligent insights you have shared, has been unique and truly special to us. It has been so much fun. We’ve loved so many inside jokes. I’ve always wanted to have deep discussions about scrapbooking but I never imagined we could get the level of depth that we have at times. You have been an amazing group of people to share with. If you feel sad that this era is ending, we understand.

The Why
Some of you will want to know why.

Many of you know I’ve struggled with chronic pain since junior high — pain through my entire upper body from my head to my hands. It has gotten worse over the years. The anxiety I discussed in our last episode is related.

I found years ago that I have to move physically in order to keep the pain to an amount that allows me to function, and dance classes have helped both my pain and my anxiety. But what’s made the biggest difference this past year is that I have been practicing yoga mostly daily. Yoga has changed my life and eased much of my chronic pain and anxiety.

As a result, I’ve become obsessed with it. In love with it. I’ve been aching to do more with it.

BUT…the decades of patterning (breathing patterning, muscle tension patterning, and postural patterning) that brought me my pain has led to problems with my nervous system. Basically my nerves are “sick.” Or injured. Whatever nerves become when they start screaming at you is what they are.

My nerves have caused me pain when sitting very long for at least 2 decades now, but starting this summer, sitting at all became almost impossible and I started having constant numbing and tingling in my face, my mouth, through my neck and upper back, and down my arms into my fingers, 24 hours a day.

I began seeing a specialist — one who I feel has performed miracles on me. I breath and feel like an entirely different person. But he told me that having a job that requires me to sit is killing me. My body, with its decades of patterning, needs to be moving. I think I’ve always known this inside but I needed an expert who could help me understand the full extent of that need.

Knowing I love yoga, he strongly advised me to consider becoming a yoga teacher.

The truth is, I’ve been quietly fantasizing about doing just that.

I’ve been running Paperclipping for a decade now. It’s been a gift and a joy. But emotionally — and definitely physically — I am ready for something different.

Izzy and I have been making some big life-changing plans as a result of this. I hope to share these changes and plans on Instagram. If you want to follow along and see what we do, please follow me on Instagram.

Later in the future I might also share some of the bigger stuff with those of you on my email list. If you don’t get my emails but would like future updates, please join my email list by adding your info in the upper right-hand column.

Izzy’s Memory-Keeping with Video Course
A lot of you expressed interest in this and Izzy is doing it!

If you would like to hear from Izzy when the course is ready, please CLICK THIS LINK and add yourself to his list of people to contact as it gets close.

After we are done making all the videos for the final year of the Paperclipping Membership, Izzy and I expect will we no longer make any new Paperclipping content. It’s hard to say that with such finality — this is a big deal for us to make this decision — so we want to leave with the door slightly ajar, just in case we change our minds.

We appreciate all of you. All of your comments. All of your support. Your love and encouragement was an important part of my healing when my Dad died last year and you were there for me. I could never thank you enough for that. We appreciate those of you who are Members and put your trust in us when you signed up for your membership.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all Members and Roundtable listeners. Thank you for your fun comments and thoughtful insights, for contributing to an amazing community of awesome people.

Thank you for helping to make our journey so rewarding. Best wishes to all of you.

  • I’m going to miss you guys! Absolutely understand though and I wish you so much health and joy in your new yoga adventures… thank you so much for all you’ve done. It’s been so appreciated xxx

  • Shannon Stone Wells

    It’s one of those ‘so glad for you! So crushed for me!’ situations! Wonderful that you’ve found something that brings you such joy!! That is Scrapbooking for me, something I had lost my joy for @ 4 -5 years ago, but found a rejuvenated passion @ 3 years ago, partly due to finding the roundtable and PL! Having a new PRT podcast in my feed is one of the happier times of my week!

    Thank you for continuing to make the videos for the next year. I’ll look forward to watching with you guys til you end.

    Best of luck to you both!

  • Lynne Freeman

    So sad to hear, as I have been a subscriber to both paperclipping round table and your videos for many years. Wishing you the very best for your families future. Will we still be able to access the videos as I don’t have them all downloaded to my computer/ iPad

  • Päivi Eerola

    I hope you a lot of success in your future career in yoga! Thank you so much for the past years!
    I started listening to you and Nancy Nally when you made podcasts together before the actual Paperclipping Roundtable. I wasn’t a scrapper or anything but soon became one!
    I continued listening to the episodes, got hooked into art journaling and nowadays I teach art journaling full-time in my creative small business Peony and Parakeet. So I not only got a hobby, scrapbooking, which I still do and love, you also led me to a big life change, to build a business and fall in love with creating art again.
    And to add even more where you have been helpful: I live in Finland but currently teach Americans mostly. My language skills improved during the years when I listened to the podcast …
    Thanks so much for all the inspiration and empowernment! Hopefully I can inspire someone someday as much as you have inspired me!

  • SharonS

    Best wishes to you and Izzy as you move forward!

  • Thank you so much for all that you have created and for sharing your news with us. I wish you the best, of course! Maybe we’ll start to see yoga videos from you two? :P

  • Gail Evans

    I, along with a ton of others, am really sad that its all ending but I agree you must do what you need to do and wish you and Izzy all the best!!!!!

  • C.Robin

    Noell and Izzy I wish you all good things thank you both!!! Please take care of yourself. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family

  • Alison Burke

    I’ve been dragging my feet about asking a question pertaining to scrapbooking because I didn’t know who to ask until I saw your message. My Mom passed away exactly 1 month ago today. I’m completely heartbroken and I know in time, I’ll want to do something to honor her. Did you or do you know of anyone that’s ever done a ‘memorial mini album’? And do you know of any paper line related to the topic?

    I’m truly sorry about your health issues. It’s absolutely no fun to be in chronic pain. I guess that’s what I’ve been dealing with for several years now but never thought about referring to it as chronic. My pain is stemmed from my back and can lead to my neck, hips, legs, feet and shoulders. My upper thighs have been going numb on me for years when standing still for too long and recently, my thighs and get have been going numb and to sleep dependent upon the position I’m in when sitting or laying down. I’ve also experienced a time or two tingling in my fingers. I’ve been told that the issues with the numbness and going to sleep is a nerve issue but I’ve never been given any information or techniques on what to do to get some relief. I’m so happy that you’ve found something that helps you!

    You and Izzy take good care of yourselves and your family. Know that the PRT community will always be thinking of you and are so grateful for everything you’ve done for us.

    Oh, 1 more question…will the chat room (I can’t think of what to refer to it as) continue? It’s the place you and Izzy set up when 2 peas went offline.
    ? Alison

  • vintageplaid

    I have just skimmed through some of the comments and I see a common thread here…we are all so sad to lose you, but totally understand and are supportive of what needs to happen in your lives now. And I am sure many prayers will be said for your health and how you need to cope. Thank you for all you have provided over the years to the industry, and to us, the scrapbookers. You have set the bar high, and your work will always remain a standard to measure quality by. There are many wonderful comments and shared grieving going on over at Scrap Gals community on Facebook also. It’s interesting how in the grieving process, closure helps. as some have expressed. How appropriate that the last PRT show was about mental and emotional health. And how wonderful it would be if Izzy were to find some time to create a “best of PRT” show to say farewell and give everyone that closure. It could be a show composed totally of clips of laughter, which embodies for me the best of PRT. It was the joy in this wonderful hobby that kept us coming back week after week.
    Again, thank you Noell and Izzy. You are loved and you will be missed.

  • Dona Malm Mulrooney

    Happy for you. Making big decisions can be so freeing. I wish you both great success and happiness–and relief from your pain, Noell. You have given so much to help me enjoy my hobby. Thank you.

  • Ramona Gaston

    Oh, I’m so sad. This is my favorite podcast but I am only concerned with your health and well being. I pray that your yoga endeavor and Izzy’s video course will both be very successful. I have learned so much from you, Noelle and am so thankful for the lessons and the many hours of entertainment and knowledge I have been able to glean from you and your guests.

  • Terri Cannell

    I’m super sad at the thought of not being able to enjoy your podcasts anymore. I not only enjoyed the subject matter, but yours and Izzy’s sunny personalities and humor ( and your guests, also!). I guess I can only be grateful to have had you guys in my life for the time you have been. Please keep us all updated on your new adventures. And yoga sounds like a great new thing for you! Know that you both have been inspired and admired by me.

  • Terri Cannell

    Yes, visit us on April Fool’s! :)

  • This is my situation too, but I plan on renewing now until the end!

  • Likewise…my first love, err, podcast. :-) The standard by which I’ve measured all podcasts since!

  • wendysmedley

    I (and the scrapbooking industry) will miss you both so much- and wish you well in all your endeavors.

  • KimTh

    So sad and happy for you. Thank you for all of the wonderful episodes — you are the reason I BuJo, take classes from Vilna and turned me on to the behind the scenes at CHA! Best to you and your family!!! Will miss you guys very much! Kim / Austin TX

  • ARC

    You guys were my gateway drug to podcasts AND getting more serious about scrapbooking! Best wishes in your future ventures and hope your health improves too Noell!

  • Karen J

    OH I can’t take it my scrapbook store is closing in Oct. and now you guys…..It will be ok just a lot of change but I am so happy that you have found something that brings you peace. Chronic pain is a horrible disease that many people don’t understand – including doctors (I am a dentist so we study pain management in school) Any way – I started watching paperclipping when you would stream videos – I guess like process videos…Then you started the membership and I joined…then you started the roundtable and you guys would keep me up thru 2 am feedings
    Thanks IZZY my son loved your laugh (Now he is 7 ) Once I had to drive from Ann Arbor to Petolsky,MI 5 myself. I was really nervous, but I downloaded several roundtable podcasts and off I went. It was like having you guys along for the ride. Thank you for all your time and effort and good luck….
    Karen J.

  • Maria

    Oh, this is such sad news!! :( I am sorry, but I wish you guys all the best!
    And just a personal tip for you Noell, because I feel just so much better now – try the Whole30 program! I have been vegan just like you guys, thinking it was best for my health, no milk products was just so good for my body. But I always had to take some vitamins and stuff. So when my daughter started solids, we wanted something without milk and vitamin poducts and tryed paleo! Hard in the beginning, but so good! :)

  • Tracy Redford-Smith

    Ah! I feel so sad, yet so appreciative of what you two amazing people have done over the years.

    I started scrapbooking in 2002 and gave it up in 2007 because I felt so overwhelmed. In 2015 I really wanted to do something with all my photos, and I discovered an industry landscape that had completely changed and was unrecognisable. Thank God I unexpectedly found your podcast on a search!

    You have changed the way I think about memory keeping, explained things I couldnt get a grasp of, and introduced me to a world of amazing people I didn’t know existed – I will always treasure my deep-dive audio courses with Shimelle & Stacy. I had no idea about these two until listening to the podcast.

    Noelle, I will miss your deep insights and infectious laugh – you will make an amazing yoga teacher. And Izzy – you are so funny and sweet and I will miss you, too.

    Good luck, guys. And thankyou for everything. You will be missed. You have no idea how much you changed me. And helped me.

    You rock!

    From Tracy in Australia.

  • Youngmi

    I’m so sad to hear that Paperclipping has come to an end but I’m really happy that you are doing what is best for your health and wellbeing. Thank you for all that you and Izzy have done for the scrapbooking community. I found the Paperclipping Roundtable after years of scrapping in isolation. I don’t have any friends who share this hobby and I was stuck in a rut of scrapping the same way for 10 years. The Paperclipping Roundtable was such an inspiration and breathed new life into how I approach my scrapbooking. Listening to you chat each week with all kinds of scrappers made me feel for the first time like I was part of a community. Thank you for making me think, laugh (sometimes while walking alone in the middle of the street… awkward), and grow creatively. I wish you and your family all the best!!

  • Janet

    Noell and Izzy – So sad to hear all this news. I have been a member and a listener for many years. You guys kept scrapbooking going for many of us. I so appreciate your openness and willingness to share what is going on. I am so sorry that you are have been going through all of this, yet you still kept your commitment to your members. I know whatever you decide to do, it will be the right thing for you, your health and your family. I hope you continue to scrap and share your talent somehow with the scrapbooking community and that we all get to hear from/about you. You’ve been in my ears for so many years, it would be like losing friends. Take care and keep us posted.

  • Gretchen Henninger

    Thank you for sharing so much with us over the years. You’ve been a wonderful resource in the scrapbooking community and will be missed! Best of luck with your new endeavor! and feel better.

  • Dale Rose Stream

    Noell, my heart aches for you, learning of your ongoing struggle w/ Chronic Pain. I have struggled with Fibromyalgia since in my late teens/early twenties and understand part of what you have been going through. I will pray or you in your future activities and ventures and relief from pain. If you are interested in how I have been able to no longer need Lyrica for my daily pain, and have (so far) reduced my other 2 pain meds by 3/4, simply send me a fb pm. Thank you for all that the two of you have done for us, providing such wonderful information and entertainment while creating an environment of friendship!

  • I didn’t like these news but I understand this is what you have to do… We will miss you lots…
    Izzy, what’s the bes/fast way to save all the library of vídeos? I’d love to be able to continúe watching them.
    Thanks :)

  • Robbie G

    Noelle & Izzy:

    I was so bummed when I heard your announcement but I want to thank you for your podcast. It was such fun to listen to. You will truly be missed from the air waves but we understand that Noelle needs to go and take care of her health. Wishing you all the best and thank you again for all the wonderful podcasts.

    Robbie G

  • Oh, Gina. I hope you get some help. My therapist who finally helped me got much of his training on this from an institute in Nebraska. It might be worth it to you to contact them and see if they can lead you to someone in your area:

    As for your question about access to the videos after next August — we haven’t decided if we’ll allow people to pay a fee for continued access or not. If we do, it won’t be a long-term thing because of the expense, as you said. As we get closer to that time we’ll have to run the numbers and see if we need to close the library immediately or not.

  • Anya Kleander

    I wish you all the best and hope your new path in life will make things easier for you. Know that you will be missed and that we would love to know what life brings you.

  • Ruth G

    Teaching yoga sounds like a wonderful synthesis of your need to care for your body and your experiences as a dancer. I know that you will impact others who are also suffering with your understanding and guidance in yoga practice. I will miss your podcasts, but it makes me feel better knowing that you are taking care of yourself and helping others at the same time.

  • I’m a little late to the discussion, but I wanted to wish you the very best. It takes courage to switch gears and can be so hard–even when it’s best for us and our families. So, I wanted to give you three cheers of support and encouragement, too. I’m so glad for your site, friendship, and talent. You and Izzy mean a lot to me. And, I hope we still get that chance to meet in person some day.

    For now, though, namast? my friends!

  • Julia

    So so sorry, yoga will help for a while, have you had mri’s? I am mostly bed-bound now up only an hr. so in total day, exhausted ALL conservative treatments for over 35 yrs. surgery failed,have 2 disks left in entire spine,takes mental toll don’t get on computer much at all was drawn back here where so many hrs. yrs. being member

    felt sad when saw you hurt too. took 2 somas/pain meds. so can tell you how sorry I feel for you & hope you have better relief. talk your dr. about soma, helps w/muscles. God bless you & your loved ones. if need talk & will give phone #.