August Challenge Highlight: Jana Olivera

Congratulations to Jana Olivera, who submitted an art journal that we chose to highlight this month! Her art journal a response to challenge topic #4 – Let’s Get Artsy.
Jana’s pages come from the paper towels she used to clean up her paint during the July 13th Paperclipping Live event when Jackie and Reenie filled in for me. Jana used toilet paper rolls as the foundation of her pages.

Next week’s Paperclipping episode will be a tutorial on how I’ve made my own handmade journal by re-purposing those gorgeous, colorful paper towels, but it’s very different from Jana’s and I’m loving the way Jana put her own book together. You can see more pictures of Jana’s gorgeous art journal by watching her slide show.

What the judges had to say

We think this is a beautiful art journal. There are so many textures and elements. The layering and details are complex.

There are so many colors in this book but what prevents them from overwhelming us is the balance of color intensity. Each page has a brighter, more intense feature color that pops from the foundation of softer hues.

We love the texture of the soft crumbled paper and the subtle lines of stitching around the pages, which contrast with the shiny hard texture of the beads.

We especially love that this unique piece of art has been made from what we normally consider trash, which proves that art can be made from almost nothing.

Find Jana Olivera

You can find Jana in our community, The Crop Circle. You can see more of her at her blog, 2 Worlds.

  • Jana Oliveira (NJ)

    Thank you so much ! This is my second highlight !

  • YES IT IS!