Attention Roundtable Listeners: Looking for Guests

We’re looking for two regular scrapbookers who don’t have a scraproom!

Do you scrapbook out of a closet? At the kitchen table? In the living room? At crops?

Aby Garvey, organizing expert, scrapbooker and co-founder of Simplify 101, is going to be my guest on the show and give coaching advice to two scrapbookers who need organization help because space is limited.


  • you’re a scrapbooker who does NOT have a scraproom
  • you have a good internet connection
  • you feel confident about being on an audio show
  • you need organization help
  • you are free on Apr. 9 at 10am PST

…then please tell me what your scrapbook situation is. Where do you scrapbook and what are your struggles? Please share some details that will help us choose, but also keep it brief so I can read the responses and extend invitations within the next 2-3 days.

  • Qadirah

    I scrap in the corner of my bedroom. There is a long six foot table on one well that has my printer and cricket sitting on one end and all of its in pieces on the other under the table I have 4 crates that are chock full of paper, books, paints, stickles, etc. Small room with very little space to create. I am disabled and find crafting to be relaxing and away to escape the prison of debilitation.

  • I scrap at my dining room table, always have (12 years) and I actually prefer it that way. I really need to fix my system, though, as it’s gotten pretty out of control. Too much stuff, not sure what to keep on the table, close at hand, or “away” in a nearby closet, or farther away in a different closet. Not sure the best way to organize the stuff that I keep on the table, as it needs to be easily able to be put away for the few times a year (kids’ birthday parties) that we use the dining room for its intended purpose, yet it would be nice if it was decent looking for the other 362 days a year. Basically I need help! I did a fairly major purge almost a year ago, but it barely made a dent. I’m ready to do it again and set things up right, if only I knew how!

  • Kimberly Wirfs

    I scrap in the family room which is also right off of the living room. I think I’m pretty organized but I seem to constantly changing my organization. I just can’t seem to get things “right.” I like to keep things out so I can use them but my area is where my family is so I want to keep it tidy looking. It’s just a round and round cycle.

  • Andrea Bethke

    Okay, so I actually do have a Scrapbook Room, but wait, don’t stop reading…I can’t really scrap in there because of my disability. I have a condition called CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome) which is basically a problem with my nerves in my legs and arms that causes me to be in horrible pain and immobilizes me a lot of the time. Because of this, and even though it has been better lately because I’m not in a wheel chair all the time anymore, I have to have my legs up in a laying down position on something really comfortable in order to scrap so I just can’t sit at my desk in my scrap room but instead have to lay on the couch or on the bed to scrap. This makes things hard because I end up making huge messes all over the living room and the bedroom and I’m not one of those people who can just pull stuff out to create and then tidy up again and put everything away right after. No, I have to have everything I could possibly need out and it stays out all over the place until the project is done. I want to be more organized so that my poor hubby can sit next to me on the couch and watch tv or go to bed at night when he wants to instead of waiting for me to get things out of the way. I need some organization solutions for when my pain is bad and I just really can’t work at my desk in the scrap room (which is like 95% of the time). How can I make a little space in the living room and/or bedroom so that I can scrap there when I need to…without driving my hubby nuts and ruining my pretty home decor?

  • Andrea Bethke

    Sorry for some reason these photos ended up upside down and sideways….hahaha!

  • geezee

    I scrap and work out of my living area. I have always been organized, but starting business and crafting have taken over the entire living area. I now say that my family lives in my studio. I would love a kickstart in the right direction. I have lots of ideas. That is the problem. The ideas are disorganized. :) I can send pics and could blog about the transformation. Non-schmos UNITE!

  • karen

    OOOH! me,me. OK here is the deal, when I started scrapbooking I started off with a room :) then I was booted out (new baby). I really tried to sell the 1/2 nursery 1/2 scraproom but my husband wasn’t feeling it….Fastforward – I am 7 years into my scrapbooking hobby, with a growing stash. Let’s just say my LSS is my Cheers and I’m their Norm (I was on their design team). My space is shrinking – I have a corner in the basement. I want out of the basement ! I’ve read the organized scrapper and realize I need to see my supplies to use them but I need them to be contained and neat if I am ever going to make it back to the main floor of my house. Did I mention I have a 3 year old (boy). Let’s just say my Tim holtz scissors are always under lock and key!!!

  • rosann

    OMG. Please pick me. I need help! I scrap in a sliver of my living room which is also our family room which is also the play room, which is also the entertaining area. See where I am going with this? My problem is that in the 5 years that I have been scrapping, I still haven’t found my full flow and organizational style. I have made a few strides thanks to Ikea furnishings but there’s lots more to organize, give away, restructure, etc. etc. Oh and I live in NYC. Didn’t you mention wanting more NYC guests a few weeks ago? :0) And you know how small NYC spaces can be so any advice is very welcome.

  • Beth

    I scrap in my bedroom it is the only place that I have to keep my stuff without the kitty attacking it! I have a 6 foot long table and my Cricut sits on top of it and my cutter pillar and all those other wonderful crafting items that us scrapbookers need and want. I have a cart that I recently bought that has some drawers and that has helped but I am still in a cramped small space and desperately need some organizational help! I scrap so that I can document all the wonderful things that my family and I do on a daily basis and the kids will have something when I am no longer around. I know that sounds a little morbid. I also do it because it is a creative outlet for me and I get to relax and have fun in my own house!

  • Xin

    I scrapbook on my bed, and my supplies are anywhere I can find a space for (for example, I have one drawer in my dresser where I keep most of my scrapbooking supplies). I have a single dorm room, and back home, I share a room with my sister, so there is not much space at all. I have to purge regularly, otherwise I’ll have too much stuff to bring home at the end of the school year, and I can’t fit everything!!

  • KatieK.

    What a great topic – can’t wait to pick up some tips from the panel. I frequently feel like I haven’t a spot to scrap though I really do have a great space. Just I can’t always use it. Can’t be hidden away in my basement crop room as I am my 90 y.o. MIL’s caregiver. Like a lot of us sandwich scrapbookers – taking care of multiple generations and becoming the primary caretaker of family members with dementia and health issues.

    I have tried to set up a space in my living room and dining room and so far it’s just crop supplies and no pages made. I hope they provide some ideas on planning/organizing your space, etc so to maximize my production time when the free moment comes along. Usually if it does, I’m using up the time with finding stuff and running up down the stairs or stuck thinking what should I create. It doesn’t help that I’m a “If stuff isn’t out, it doesn’t exist” kind of crafter/scrapbooker. Can’t leave pages, projects, supplies out in living area for many reasons.

    Again, always great stuff from both the panel and the folks who post comments. Thanks all.

  • Gela

    Great topic. Even those who have a dedicated scrap area big or small can learn from this.

  • Noell: You should get OMGitsEmily – you can find her on youtube – she is 22 years old and has a very small space in her dorm room. She makes fabulous haul videos – and has videos about her small space and how it is organized. She is also on the design team for our local store (Whim So Doodle) along with me. And we have an ongoing Thickers war! We both try to hoard them from the discount stores in town and she usually beats me to the punch and buys up all the discount Thickers! And she is adorable.

  • Laura — I want to invite you on the show but my comments moderator says you didn’t provide your email. I need to solidify our guests today so I’m hoping you get this reply right away and will email me. I’ll have to ask someone else today if I don’t hear from you real quick, and that would be sad. :( Please email me at Thanks!

  • So sorry I missed this! I just emailed you – hope I managed to get to you in time!

  • Deirdre

    Oy, I missed this! I love the show and I love Abby! And this is one of my favorite topics—so if someone bails on you and you need a last minute fill in, I’d be thrilled:)

    We have a bonus room, basically an very small attic space that is my office (I work from home), my boys’ art space and our LEGO room. I used to have lots of pretty storage, inspired by what I’d see on blogs, etc. Then we spent a summer living away from home and I had just one sterlite box of scrap supplies and enjoyed scrapping more than I ever had and got more done by having LESS.

    What I’ve learned is that we change (I know—shocking!). I am a very visual person and used to organize based on the “out of sight, out of mind” philosophy. But I’ve since realized that out of sight, out of mind has benefits and now I crave white space more than anything in order to feel free to get creative. Too much visual clutter drains me, so my organizing had to completely change.

    I can’t to listen to the show next week—I’m going to plan on working on my space while listening (because organizing is always on-going). Thanks to Aby for all her inspiration (my home binder is a life-saver) and to Paperclipping which motivates me to clean/declutter because then I can listen to a podcast.

  • Kathleen Loughran

    I am looking forward to hearing this topic. I currently have a room but will need to downsize (to how small has yet to be figured out) when my son a daughter are old enough to need their own rooms. I am not looking forward to the task. However maybe I am as I have too much stuff and a forced downsize might be beneficial/healthy. Thanks for hosting Aby again.

  • Peggy D

    Thank goodness we finally moved to a bigger house in February! Before that it was in the family room, in my bedroom, in both of my kids’ rooms. I had stuff EVERYWHERE. had to put everything away to fix a meal.

  • Gina Anderson

    Laura – I hope that you’re on the show because I have the exact same situation as you. I love scrapping in the dining room because it’s right in the thick of things at my home but need it to look presentable on a daily basis without turning it into a “scrap/craft room”. And, a few times a year, we actually use it as a dining room so everything needs to get put away. I’m excited to hear this show!!