Art Journaling, Scrap Journaling, and Book Altering On The Go

Mar 2011 3391

I love to take my scrap-journal, an art journal, or a book I’m altering and go work outside on the patio of Starbucks while I sip hot green tea.

Each are such manageable items to work with on the go. But there are two things I’ve had to learn at least a few times and it’s my tip for today:

Always carry tape and a pen with you. At all times!

Especially a pen! At least if you forget the tape you can go home and tape it all together, like I did for this page. I had journaled on the inside of this Starbucks napkin and then realized I couldn’t tape it in. No big deal, it gave me time to consider using tissue tape — which I may also start carrying around with me at all times!

If I have no pen, though, I might as well just go home.

From now on I think I’ll keep extras of these items in my purse in case I forget to toss it into my tote bag!

  • Good advice! For some reason I tend to have a pen and even some fun decorative washi tape but I often lack paper! Which is a shame because locations in Taiwan tend to have custom stamps you can stamp with. I’d like to have a collection of them, but my kids end up stamping their arms and hands because I lack paper!

  • are you saying that there are stamps sitting around various locations that
    you can just pick up and stamp if you want? Like a momento from that

    Whatever they’re for, that is unique, or at least it’s unique to the U.S. I
    would definitely have a little book that I would use to collect the stamped
    images! I’d write the date, maybe sometimes include a piece of ephemera, a
    photo, and a note. Oh my gosh, that is so cool!!!

  • Kellkat

    I got inspired by this posting. While waiting for my son to return with burgers across street, I sat at SB’s thinking of you and your writing on the napkin. What could I do? I realized I could doodle/write on the cup covers. I had a brand new white GELLYROLL pen in my purse ‘cuz we were just at an art supply store looking for PVA. The white really pops out against the new green logo. I wrote stuff along the lines of the hair, etc. I had so much fun. I did it again when I was sitting waiting to listen to a meet/greet for our local representative.

  • Yes, custom rubber stamps for each tourist spot, including subway stations and some parks. Some stores even have them. Often we come across them when we’re out as a family, which is when I don’t carry my purse. Hmmm, maybe I should make a small booklet that we can keep in the camera case…

  • I really believe that these free doodling moments are a huge key to
    creativity! I love hearing about your Starbucks cup moment! TFS!

  • This reminds me of Susan Wooldridge ( — always take tape. Her journals are beautiful, filled with poems and bits of her daily walks taped into each page. Magical!

    (I had the honor of taking a workshop with her at Artfest a few years back — totally awesome. Your post reminded me of it.)

    PS: Tea is on the way! =)

  • Patty

    Love this idea. I always carry a notebook with me and wind up doodling in it along with lists and other bits and pieces. You never know when that artsy urge will hit you:)