Altered Books with Dedra Long and Noell Hyman


In this special edition Paperclipping tutorial, Dedra Long and I show you how to alter unwanted old hardcover books to make them your own beautiful works of art and another avenue for telling your own stories.

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In this video which is more than 1 hour long, you will learn:

  • Three different ways to alter the cover of your book.
  • How to bind and cover the pages inside the book.
  • Techniques for making your pages interactive and fun.

Keep It As Long As You Want

When you purchase this tutorial you can download the video to your computer and keep it as long as you want.

Three Different Resolutions

Every computer has different playback capabilities, so we provide the video in three different sizes:

  • High Definition (yes, seriously — this is better than DVD quality)
  • Medium size (plays on most computers as well as the iPhone and iPod)
  • Small (plays on all computers, but it’s so small you should try the other versions first)

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