• MCF’s Mimi

    I have sat and watched each and everyone of these CHA videos. They are all wonderful! Thanks to you both, Noelle and Izzy, for providing them. I have enjoyed them all so much I sent an email to my entire scrap group, telling them to watch them because they would learn so many different techniques and see so many of those new “I have just got to have it” scrapbook items! WOW! I feel like I have been on a mini-scrapbook vacation all from the comfort of my living room and in my jammies! So appreciate all you do to keep us so well informed. Please keep it up!

  • I’ve been wondering how many people only watch the ones of their favorite lines and how many watch all of them. Thank you for the kind email and for sharing them with your friends!!

  • Marie

    I watch all of them! And I would like one each of Ali’s stamps!!!! So so usable!!!!

  • How awsome is Ali Edward?! Is she like really tall? I would love to have all of her stamps. They are so versitile. She is one of those people that if I were to meet I would pass out.

  • Yep, she’s tall! And she’s super fun!

  • Shurst

    I have watched most (still working on them) of the CHA videos…Ali is the best! I just wanted to reach out and hug her. Love that you captured her albums on the video. I follow her blog regularly but to see the pages on video brings a new dimension to the pages. Thanks for taking your blog readers to CHA – it’s been an awesome trip.

  • Mel LaFavers

    Love Ali’s stamps, and it was so good to see some traditional scrapbook pages of hers again. I love her style; it was really the first exposure I had to the kind of scrapbooking I wanted to do. Thanks, you guys! :)