A Vacation Scrapbook with Project Life – Papercipping 218

paperclipping 218

Every scrapbooker needs a good exit strategy.

And an entrance strategy.

What for? For those big overwhelming projects — such as vacation and travel scrapbooks — which most of us tend to procrastinate or never finish. Or both.

What’s funny is we’re almost always excited to scrapbook them. So why don’t we?

They require too much work!

It’s not all fun and games with a vacation album. It’s organization and planning, too. And making all the pages can take a long, long time.

In order to start, it helps to have an exit strategy so you know you’ll be able to easily finish it up and move on if you get bored.

Project Life Makes it Easy to Start that Big Vacation Album

  • Project Life makes it easy to get all the photos in place, making the organization and planning part simple and fast.
  • With all your photos viewable you feel much more motivated and excited to work on the project.

Philippines 5

Project Life Allows for Exciting Scrapbook Layouts

  • The D-ring album means you can insert as many standard scrapbook pages as you feel motivated to do. Bring on all those fun layers of product!

Philippines 13

Philippines 8

Project Life Makes it Easy to Finish that Big Vacation Album.

  • When you’re tired of the album and ready to move on, you can complete whatever remains with the simple insert cards.

Philippines 2

As someone who quickly gets tired of large projects, I’ve learned to start with an exit strategy so that you’d never know by looking at mine that I got bored and wanted to move on.

Do you have a big vacation or travel experience waiting for you?

Let Me Share My Process with You for Making a Vacation or Travel Scrapbook

I lived with Filipinos in the Philippines for over a year and collected lots of photos and life-changing stories. I know what it means to feel overwhelmed. But the process I’m using to put together a beautiful album is exciting, fun, and simple!

I shared this process in a video tutorial for the Paperclipping Members. Members can now find it in the Member’s Area and on iTunes.

If you’re not yet a member, CLICK HERE for info!

Shine On,

  • Grandma Carol

    Your topics are always unbelievably right on point with where I’m at. Exit strategies are no exception– with me finally starting our Wedding Album after scrapbooking 15 years, and my husband and I celebrating our 25th Anniversary two years ago now. Have numerous albums (including a couple of our new daughter-in-law, my son and their darling new baby boy) and numerous albums of our family (we have two kids who are 22 and 24 now), but none of them feel finished. It is time to attach the back pages (old strap style) and declare them finished. I can then start a new album called ‘All the Loose Pics that are Leftovers !” — Love your techniques, video tutorials and the roundtable, too. CHeers, Carol

  • Becca

    This has been my strategy for my past two vacation albums. Both trips were pretty “epic” by my standards (a 2 week trip through Ireland and a 2 week camping trip from the Grand Canyon to Yellowstone) and very overwhelming! I made a lot of traditional 12 x 12 pages to highlight the best photos, and then used divided page protectors and Project Life journaling cards for the daily blow by blow of what we did. They were great for showcasing memorabilia too!

    Can’t wait to watch the video and pick up some new tips!

  • Great episode!! Love pocketed pages :)

  • Katherine Kelley

    Great teaching tutorial! Loved learning about your why that led to the how in this extended video and showing us more than just one page of this album. I’m hoping you continue to show more of this album and your page-making process. The stories & photos you shared could give this one a travelogue tag. The PL kit really conveys the Philippines. Reminds me of fabrics and house decor of friends I worked with who were from there.

  • Ava J

    I didn’t know you’ve been to our country Noell! I thought the people and the scenery looked familiar. And you’ve even to the Underground River…way before it was on the list of New 7 Wonders of the World too! I’ve yet to make an album of our weddings(we had both a church and beach wedding within 4 days of each other,ha!) and I’m still drumming up the courage to take that project on! Thanks for sharing all the tips that you do. Hugs.

    Ava J

  • ReneeH2O

    Since 2011, I have been using the divided page protectors for vacations and big events like my daughter’s graduation party (my niece took 500 photos for me). This video solved 2 dilemmas for me. 1. How to get the 12×12 scrapbook pages to blend with the divided pages and 2. I was resistant to using the Becky Higgins cards when I already have so much stuff. Love how you blended stuff from your stash with the cards. I am giving myself permission to use the cards, because I can still use some stash. I think this will be a time saver for me.

    I have been scrapbooking over 15 years and rubber stamping before that. I’ve seen a lot of things and seen things recycled. I love that your videos take what I know and push it that one step farther. Well done!

  • Bec Kilgore

    Really enjoyed seeing how you are mixing traditional layouts and Project Life type Scrapbooking.

  • Sherrie M.

    Thanks for the glimpse into your Philippines album! What a load off your shoulders…..I know you’ve been wanting to do this album for so many years! I put my recent trip to the Philippines in these two gorgeous leather Scrapworks albums that I have been saving ever since they got discontinued. Simple pocketed pages with a few 4×6 journaling cards for memories. Also made my kids write down their top 10 memories from the trip and included those in there while the memories were fresh.

  • Thank you! I do always try to make sure I’m giving help you don’t find elsewhere. So glad to know the video helped a pocket page veteran like you! :)

  • Yes! I LOVED living in the Philippines! It was an amazing time in my life and I hope to be able to go back again some day! Before I scrapbooked these pages I googled Underground River and was so excited to see it was chosen as a New 7 Wonder! That info will go on one of my journal cards. I was there way back in 1994!

  • Where did you and your family visit? How was it taking the kids there? I’d love to take mine someday.

  • Bethany Rielage

    Thanks so much for this video. I really enjoyed it, and it gave me a lot of ideas and motivation to finally do my wedding pictures this way! I was never able to get the negatives or digital copies of my wedding pictures, so I’ve been hesitant to glue them down on paper. Using the pocket pages will allow me to keep them unglued but still be able to display them and let people finally look through them! And the pictures I took myself before the wedding or those from other people will make great traditional 12×12 layouts mixed in. Again, thanks so much!

  • What a relief to have that photo problem solved and be able to start working on that album with some peace of mind! If you find yourself wanting to tape a photo down onto something, you can also scan the photo and print up a new version to scrapbook with.

  • Donna (aka scrappyru)

    Wow. Another great video of inspiration, Noell. I, too, have one of those projects (very similar to yours) that I’ve been putting off. We lived in Japan for three years when our kids were small and I have a box of save memorabilia and info on Japan as well as all our pictures. I guess I sometimes think of Project Life as being for “now” photos and don’t always remember that I can also add in regular 12 x 12’s. I have so much I want to say about my experiences there and the 6 by 12’s would also be nice for those longer stories. You’ve got the wheels turning in my head and I’m beginning to see a finished Japan scrapbook in my future. Thanks for the inspiration to tackle the procrastinated projects.

  • Isadari Rivera

    Wow! By far my favorite video of yours! Thanks so much for all the inspiration! I was thinking about doing a mix of traditional scrapbook pages and pocketed pages for our Disney album but wasn’t sure if it could work together, now I can start it with a sense of how to make it cohesive!!! ….and those distress paints? umm, yeah, now I have to go buy some!

  • Bec Kilgore

    Off topic but is there a PRT this week? I have withdrawal on Tues if I don’t see one. :)

  • Bec Kilgore

    BTW, I just love the Olive edition of PL. Your initial postings about using it for your time in the Philipines is what lead to me purchase it.

  • We can’t record it till Thurs this week. :) it’ll be out on Thursday.

  • Awesome! I agree – it’s so so beautiful.

  • Yeah! You’ll love it, I think!

  • Oh Donna – you’re going to be so happy when you get going!!

  • Gela

    This is how I am going to scrap my own trip to the Philippines. I went with a coworker of mine 6 years ago. It was such an awesome experience that has been in my ‘to do list’ for way too long. It was great to see this beautiful country not as a tourist but as an adopted ‘family’ member. Too bad it does not have a better tourist industry. Everyone wants to go to Hawaii or other tropical destinations. The Philippines is a hidden gem.

  • Lisa H

    I think this is my favourite ever of your videos. I felt so connected – as I’ve mentioned before, I also spent nearly 18 months in the Phils for work and it was an amazing time. I think I have over 1,000 photos and it’s always been such an overwhelming idea to scrap them all that I’ve hardly touched that period of time. I have done a few layouts here and there but your PL idea is just SO inspired. I feel motivated to get them all out and then fish out all my memorabilia and get my PL album filled up. I even have the same set of PL papers (or is that too geeky to copy you so completely :-) !!!)
    How did you get to go and when were you there? It looks to me like you might have been a bit more connected to real life there than I was but I tried my best to have a real experience. I lived in Manila, where were you?
    Love how you make these big ideas seem to accessible and present your ideas in such a great way.
    thanks for getting my brain working :-)

  • Jennifer Campbell

    Noell – thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I just renewed my membership to specifically get this video :-) I spent a year as an exchange student living in Germany back in 1996 and although all my photos are in albums and have journalling – have long wanted to redo them for a number of reasons (non-archival albums, waaaaaay to many meaningless and poor quality photos and not enough of the real, meaningful story that I want to remember and share). But I have struggled with how to pare down 8 albums to a single, meaningful album without getting overwhelmed. Add in the fact that the photos are all 3×5.5 (like yours) and I didn’t know how to decide which ones to scan and fix/enlarge. You have successfully broken down the the process into meaningful chunks and made this project suddenly seem doable! I knew I wanted to use a PL album and even bought one a few months back, and of course it wasn’t really a surprise today when I sat down to research some ideas for tackling the project that I came across a video from you that is simply perfect! Now I can’t wait to dive right in! This is going to be my 2014 “project” and I am so incredibly excited!!

  • Awesome! It is a perfect solution, isn’t it? I’m excited for you. Have fun with your new project!!!