A Process for Project Life – Paperclipping 203

paperclipping 203

Where do you start?

You start with the big stuff.

What am I talking about?

Oh, just about any subject that has to do with filling spaces.

I once saw a video by Stephen Covey, author of Seven Habits for Highly Effective People. If I remember right, he had a bunch of rocks he wanted to fit into a container.

But when he dumped them in we saw there was no way they could fit

There was a trick to it.

He started over and he put the big ones in first. Then he dumped all the small ones in. As long as the big ones were in first, the small rocks were able to fill in all the little gaps and everything fit just right.

He calls this the third habit of highly effective people: Put first things first.

This applies to scrapbooking, too. It’s why I decide how I want to place my photos before I start wandering into other territory, like what colors or patterns I’ll use.

It’s why I focus on building a foundation (photos, bigger papers and important lines) before pulling out embellishments. The embellishments are the detailing.

If you have a good foundation, the detailing comes easily.

This applies to standard scrapbook pages and Project Life, as well.

This week I decided to make a video of me putting a Project Life spread together from beginning to end. I also show how I keep up with this project, even though I can’t get my photos printed weekly.

The video is for Paperclipping Members, so if you’re a member you can go check it out now!

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Shine On,

  • Sue Sweeney

    Schmo no mo’! Thanks for such an amazing deal on everything. The sale finally came at the right time for my budget, and I signed up. I look forward to working through the videos, and the extra tutorials over the coming months! Thanks again!

  • Maxi

    Spooky! I have just done that very process this morning (with scrapbooking, not rocks!). We went to a friend’s wedding earlier in the year and I had the invite, and menu card, etc and wanted to see what I could fit on before going into it too much. I just laid out two pieces of 12×12 and played around a bit with the items and pictures to see what will fit and now I have a rough idea of what’s going where I can get to work on the papers, and then add the embellishments and journalling. Great minds obviously think alike ;)

  • Hee hee! Yes, that’s always my process! Gotta make sure the important things fit before adding all the extra pretty stuff. :)