A Look at Different Scrapbooking Styles – PRT043

Where do you get your scrapbooking styles? What makes your style different, unique, and your own? We ask these questions of our panelists on this show…

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The Panel


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  • Anonymous

    Hey guys, I haven’t listened to the show yet, but I have a question, and I don’t know of any generic place to ask it (is there one?) So awhile ago on one of your shows (probably PRT, but I guess it really might have been the Digi Show) I swear someone mentioned an app for the iPad that you use to view blogs. If I remember right, it takes a list of your favorite blogs and puts them like an RSS feed into a neat template that makes it look kind of like you are looking at a magazine. Am I dreaming, or do you guys know what I am talking about? I have gone through all of the show notes, but I can’t find it anywhere. If anyone remembers what I am talking about, will you remind me what it is called?

  • Izzy shared an app like that called, Flipboard. It was the tech-heavy
    episode with Ana and Debbie Hodge, I think. Go try Flipboard and see if you
    like it. :)

  • Anonymous


  • Karen Bierdeman

    I also use BlogShelf on my iPad, but am off to explore Flipboard….


  • Peggy Leland

    I also have a question/comment that really doesn’t relate to this episode but want to ask. Where did you get the music in the beginning of each episode. I’d love to hear the whole thing if it is a whole song. I totally want to rock out when I hear it! lol

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  • StudioWendy

    Reader is another good one. Here’s a review (not affiliated) http://www.macstories.net/ipad/reeder-review/

  • The digital Museum idea has already taken off. The sisters of eighteen25 have the same idea and and each week pick a specific day and time to capture a digital “Snapshot of Life” .

    It just started this week 10/27/10 but id didn’t see it until yesterday. I’ll be joining the “Snapshot of Life” so I can get into next week’s snapshot line-up.

  • Anonymous

    Izzy, you missed some great naming opportunities for this show. I think “The UPS guy must hate my guts,” but I also know there was a different one Renee said at the beginning. LOL — Only problem with creative naming is that it is a little hard to remember what the show was about from the name.

  • I’ve never heard of them. It looks like it’s a photo project, not a
    scrapbooking one, right? I like the idea, though. Fun. Thanks for sharing!

  • Karen

    This show had me in stitches! I was intently chopping garlic and making a very involved dinner when I started laughing so hard I had to sit down! All that, um, “talk” about the Tim Holtz hitches that Noell had chosen for her “pick” was wild! :)

    On a more serious note, I could talk about the topic of different styles all day long. It has taken me a looong time to find my own “voice” in my life. I don’t just mean in scrapbooking–I also mean in how I write, how I dress, how I decorate my home. I’ve always been a “I’ve gotta be me”
    person who values expressing individuality, but I’ve also not wanted to be “too” different. So it was interesting to me to hear the panelists discuss their styles and how they mesh with their personalities. It was also refreshing to hear Julie Fei Fan Balzer talk about how not everyone likes her style. This makes sense, of course, but because I LOVE Julie’s work, it was a grounding reminder that art is, for me, so much about the process of creating, and less about the outcome pleasing someone else. Anyway, I’d love more shows on this topic because I think it’s a huge hole in the scrapbooking industry. Sure, there are lots of ways to modify sketches to “make them your own,” and there are labels one can apply to their style such as “shabby chic, ” “graphic,” etc. But what I think is empowering is to hear about others’ creative processes so we can learn what ours is and how to tap into it. My “style” emerges when I let go of the need to be “right” or “create art” and just experiment and play. And this does not come easily to me, because it might mean my layout is not “pretty” or use design principles “correctly.” I think this is one of the main reasons why I’ve had a Paperclipping membership from the beginning and while I’ll continue to do so. There are few places I can go (besides art journaling resources!) to be inspired by others’ ideas and use that inspiration as a catalyst to find my own voice.

  • Thanks again for another great episode! I just wanted to comment on something Noell said about wanting to make things feel like they’re her own style instead of just taking a preset album kit or moving into an already-decorated house. I feel completely the opposite about coordinated lines!!! I LOVE using these, even if it’s just a starting point. There’s so much less brain power and time required when I can find a kit or line that I like. I don’t have to paint or ink things to make them match or coordinate. Everything goes together!!! HOORAY!!!

    Luckily for me, I like lots of different types of things, so I’m able to find lots of lines I like. And even though I’ve been scrapbooking for a long time and I actually did study design in college, I still use tons of different scrapbooking styles, and they all feel pretty comfortable to me.

    As a side note, I would have loved it if my house came predecorated. :) Decorating my house has been fun, but I still have tons of “blank canvas” space. I wish I could apply a coordinated scrapbooking line to my whole house to make it look complete!

  • I like that title idea!!! ;)

  • I think I’m in the minority when it comes to scrapbookers who love kits and
    scrapbookers who feel they have to mix it up or it doesn’t feel like it’s
    their own! I’d go nuts if my house was pre-decorated, too, but there are
    plenty of “blank canvases” all over my house, also. I rarely get around to
    shopping and decorating.

  • I really loved what Julie said about finding what you’re good at. I love, love scrapbooking and have been scrapping for a good ten years. I have a room full of traditional supplies and can never seem to get enough. However, I’ve always have felt so Inadequate when I created a layout. But I started scrapping digitally about 6 months ago and it’s as if a whole new world has opened up to me. I have always been ultra comfortable with computers and use all the Adobe products in my day-to-day work, so it makes a lot of sense for me to use these same tools in my scrapbooking. I’m good at it and I am finally feeling less inadequate. So like Julie, I firmly believe you should find what you’re good at and run with it.

  • Awesome!

  • Katiescottscrapbooking

    Hi Paperclipping Roundtable Peeps:

    I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love the Roundtable, LOVE IT and I am a member of Paperclipping & love that I can watch those videos on my iphone and that I will miss Paperclipping Live on Ustream and I even have recently started listening to the Paperclipping Digi-show even though I’m not a digital scrapbooker. (enough sugar Izzy?)

    So here are some questions / topic ideas for the show:

    1. (storytelling) I was watching some Mr.Rogers interview videos on YouTube this morning – there’s a 9 part series & it is awesome – but one thing that struck me is that he mentioned as he chucked to himself “The perspective at this part of life is interesting.” Meaning that he was towards the end of life when the videos were made and he was talking about what he remembered about life and how the seemingly insignificant things in life were really the best parts & actually the most significant parts. He also said something to the effect of the biggest drama in life is always offstage (while talking about when he was a set guy in the beginning of tv at NBC). This perspective also reminded me of what Steven Covey says about “starting with the end in mind”. And not to get too dramatic or morbid, but that’s what got me started on scrapbooking avidly when I had my children – I wanted to make sure that if something happened to me unexpectedly and I wasn’t around for them to get to know me that I wanted to make sure that they would know me and I use my scrapbooks to communicate to their future selves about who I am and what my perspective is. So thats always in the back burner of my brain when I scrapbook, but I’m not always telling the important stories or making connections in my scrapbooking – sometimes I’m just playing with my photos and scrapbook supplies and that is fun too. But listening to Mr. Rogers talk about his life on those videos gave me so many ideas for scrapbooking stories and to think about what will be important at the end – and then to tell those stories now so that the scrapbooking I’m doing now will be more meaningful. So I guess long story short – if you went about scrapbooking thinking about what you would think was important or life chaning looking back – what stories would you tell? Also, I guess I’d just like to hear more discussion on the roundtable about incorporating meaningful story telling into scrapbooking (there were a few shows with Ali Edwards a while back – more of that please).

    2. (real life scrapbooking with real live people) I’m trying to figure out how I can actually incorporate some real life scrapbookers in my area into my scrapbooking experience / hobby and to do it and put that in to my already fairly busy life (so for me once a month or even once a quarter would work better than once a week). Most of my scrapbooking connections are online so I have lots of virtual friends and thats great, but it would be great to have some real life people too. I’d love to hear from scrapbookers who are currently involved in some sort of in person scrapbooking – what works, how often, where they meet, how to put a group together, that sort of thing.

    3. (ustream) As I mentioned above, I recently became a semi-regular of Noell’s Tuesday night Paperclipping Live Show. I understand how this is probably difficult to keep in a busy schedule. I just started ustreaming – and my videos are extremely rough – but I’m finding it is so fun for me to be able to talk to an imaginary / virtual scrapbooking friend while I’m scrapbooking. I have been ustreaming when I have the time rather than on a schedule. Maybe Noell could do nonscheduled shows when the mood struck? But I also wanted to comment that I was amazed by the number of scrapbookers and of scrapbooking shows on ustream – its almost like we could all have a virtual crop anytime we want with it – which is sort of what I’ve been doing. One more thing, it is interesting that since I’ve started doing this I feel like I’m better able to convey what my story is on my scrapbooking pages – maybe the act of talking out loud about what I’m making is making me more thoughtful and focused on what I’m doing. So having the ustream video there running makes it so I’m not just alone in my scrapbooking room talking to myself! But I wonder what you all think about the experience of having to talk out loud about what you’re scrapbooking while you are doing it – maybe someone who is a scrapbooking teacher or demonstrator would have some insight – does the act of talking about what you are doing make you more thoughtful? Change your process?

    Ok I know I’m longwinded but I had all these thoughts swirling around & just wanted to let you know that I think you all are awesome!

  • Karen

    Noell, that’s interesting that you feel you’re in the minority around the issues you mentioned. I’m curious why you feel that way–is it based on what you see represented in the scrapbooking marketplace and what you hear other scrapbookers talking about? More and more, it seems, I am finding people who thrive more on the process of creating (much like Julie Fei-Fan Balzer described–though I know she designes for Pencil Lines using a sketch). Yes, sketches are extremely popular, to be sure, as evidenced by the sketch books on the market. I guess when I read Somerset Memories or the mag that’s out on art journaling, I find less of an emphasis on cute pages that are created quickly (nothing wrong with cute pages or working quickly–it’s just not me!) and more on story telling or the creation process. Anyway…those are my thoughts….

  • Karen — just to make sure we’re talking about the same thing: I think more
    scrapbookers like coordinated lines and fewer scrapbookers like to mix them
    up. If you’re referring to something else, let me know. So, assuming we’re
    talking about the same thing — I got that impression mostly from the 2peas
    forum where I used to hang out a lot, from comments here, and from the
    popularity of coordinated lines. I also think it’s one of the reasons
    scrapbookers have such a problem with having leftover old products they
    don’t know what to do with, because they rarely finish the entire line all
    at once. Much of the line will be gone, but still have some pieces left, and
    then they don’t know how to mix them with other products.

    Also, a lot of scrapbookers online are on design teams, and for most design
    teams your layouts need to feature mostly the team’s products — usually
    around 80%. Every once in a while I think about that when I’m scrapbooking,
    and I just cannot fathom doing that. It’s just can’t — and don’t want to —
    scrap that way. But so many do.

    Remember that Somerset Magazine and other similar ones are not in the wide
    mainstream of scrapbooking. Creating Keepsakes and Scrapbooks Etc. represent
    what the majority of scrapbookers are looking for. Though, I do think that
    overall we have, as a whole, moved in the direction of story-telling. I
    don’t think I’m in the minority in that way.

  • Karen

    Noell–Yes, we’re talking about the same thing. Thanks for helping me to understand your point of view better. I didn’t mean to come across as contentious! I’m just very passionate about this topic. You raise a good point about Somerset Magazine not being in the mainstream; I really forget that it isn’t because, from a self-centered point of view, so many people who’s creativity I admire scrap like that. Another point I hadn’t thought of is why scrapbookers might have problems using their leftovers from coordinated lines.

    I love it when I’m challenged to think!


  • I didn’t at all think your comment was contentious!

    I’m a discusser + question-asker, too. :)

  • Rachelcbriggs

    Hello again!! I continue to love your podcasts, thank you. It’s funny that I recently re-listened to this episode as I just bought a new MacBook Pro this weekend. Yay! My old one was really old (I got it back in 2006) and I started having issues with the disc drive when burning CD’s/DVD’s. Plus it has way more memory and hard drive space. Just a note: I was the one with the massively huge content of pictures and worried about losing them and asking about external hard drives and backing up pictures. (LOVE my WD MyBook Essential by the way.)

    Anyway my question today is in regards to Nancy’s discussion on iPhoto ’11. I hadn’t realized the issues with it when I bought my computer, but so far (crossing my finger) my iPhoto library seems intact. I love some of the new features, showing pictures in events and being able to merge and split events from a single upload is awesome. However, I am rather disappointed in the fact that I can no longer access my iPhoto Library directly in the finder. I have figured out that I can go to the library control + click it and choose Show Package Contents but that seems rather ridiculous to me. Not to mention it has caused problems when trying to upload pictures to facebook, blogger or other websites because I can’t find the folders that my pictures are in anymore. The other thing I HATE is that even though we have this lovely ability to create events in iPhoto it does not save the pictures with the same event names in the library, making it doubly difficult to find my pictures. So for example: in my old iPhoto I would upload my photos and name them “Afternoon walks, Fall 2010” or something like that. When I wanted to retrieve a photo I knew was in that folder (I do 99% of my editing PSE) I go to pictures/iPhoto library/originals/2010/Afternoon walks, Fall 2010 and get my picture. Super EASY. So all my old uploads are perfect and easy to find. However, my most recent upload, had pictures from October and november and I did the split into events for things such as Halloween, My son’s 4th Birthday, etc. Great for when I am using iPhoto but when I do the control+click and show package content this is how it is saved: originals/2010/11/15/20101115-215851. I mean, what? I figured out the first bunched numbers is the date I imported the pictures from my camera but what do the other numbers mean and why would this be an easier way to save these? Wouldn’t they coordinate with the events I created in iPhoto itself? It just seems really really stupid to me and was wondering if there was a way to go about changing this so that the folders sync. If you know what I mean. If not, should I just switch to storing all my photos in Picasa instead, since I don’t use iPhoto for editing mostly just storing would that make better sense and allow me to access my pictures a whole lot easier? Thoughts? Sorry for the rant. Just totally frustrated and think Apple was really stupid in their changes to the iPhoto library.

  • I know, I know, I’m way behind on shows here. So much going on in my neck of the woods. Still, I just had to comment on this show which I caught this week.

    I connected with the idea of how the design of your life becomes the style of your pages. I love this little saying (I’ve been quoting it for years) that has its origins in religion — but, I don’t use it that way:

    “As above, so below.”

    I used to share this with the quality/testing engineers I trained at HP. I noticed that a piece of code reflected the personality of the writer and felt it very important to get to know the writer so that we could test the code effectively and efficiently. This quote resonated with me early on in the correlation between the universe and a molecule; people and their code, their art, their food, and their scrapbooking.

    This quote describes what your show illustrated and I just love that!

    =) Always a fan!


  • I love this! Thank you!