The Paperclipping Roundtable

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It’s finally here — the scrapbooking show you’ve all been waiting for!

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What people are saying about Paperclipping Roundtable…

Most of all – it’s fun and funny! Very entertaining with the spontaneous comments…I love the separate segments-especially when you talk about your favorites…

Sounds like friends sitting around the dining table having a chat – and we get to listen in to the conversation.

I LOVE the show. I love that it is casual. It’s like listening to talk radio.

I love. LOVE. the round table aspect of the show. I like listening to you all discuss (visit,chat) about the industry and how it might impact the way we tell our stories.

Love the pic of the week and predictions, also like how it is informal, like hearing the variety of the guests and their perspectives, also directing us to websites where we can find the products reference.

The entire rountable was exciting to me, enjoyed talking about different products and what was enjoyed about them…

I like the casual, friendly chat style, I like the product picks with product reviews and details, all the product info and news…

I liked it all, the loose structure, the different segments, and even Izzy’s input. It’s nice to hear the view of a man who is interested and involved in scrapbooking but is not actually a scrapbooker (I’m assuming he isn’t). Having guests is a great way to hear other people’s views on scrapbooking, especially when they are not there just to try and sell more products. There is another podcast that really gushes about new products and I tire of it as I want a more realistic approach. We can’t all rush out and buy the latest item so honest reviews are more helpful. They don’t have to be mean but just point out what a person can honestly expect from a product. Its okay that not all products suit all people. I enjoyed the other segments too. It was variety of everyone’s hottest picks was great and Noell you had a great tip on how to use those flower books. I wouldn’t have though of that.

Good discussions/topics, very informative, funny too, and great guests.

The topics were interesting. The participants were entertaining and came across as very friendly – fun to listen to. A show you can listen to while doing other things – whereas Paperclipping Live (which I also really enjoy) is something I sit down to watch – yes I know one is audio and one is video : ) It’s nice having two different kinds of shows like that to enjoy in different ways.

I like variety of topics, guests, relevance of topics. It was an engaging hour. I liked the length.

Love it all. Love that it is audio so we can scrap and listen without having to be glued to the screen. Love the guest spot. Love the news. It is awesome!

I really liked how “natural” it was. Loved listening to the conversation style. My favorite part was the item of the week segment.

I really liked the program concept and format and presentation. Noell is a perfect and most credible hostess. Having an opportunity to hear from the “best-of-the-best” in the scrapbooking world while staying at home is great. The segment topics were great. I particularly enjoyed “pick of the week” and the “forcast” segments. It helps guide me in considering future purchases and gives me a broader picture of the industry that I could not otherwise have.

I love the group of women (and Izzy!) giving different opinions about and guests who are active/experts in the industry. I also loved the industry news and weekly picks.

I love love love the tool suggestions…

I liked the detailed discussion about the product picks – not just your pick but why you liked it.

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