4×6 Photo Blocks – Paperclipping 294


Some things are worth repeating.

One of those things is this design idea:

When I have 2 or 3 photos that I’m scrapbooking on one layout, I almost always push them into a single block. Then I design my page around that block.

It’s an easy way to scrapbook, but for several design-related reasons, it can also make it easier for a viewer’s eye to take in the design and to stay on the page.

Of course, there are several design concepts you can use to make the design of this type of page work well. Today we released a video where I share the following:

  • The design benefits of a photo block of 2 or 3 photos.
  • Many of the design concepts and principles that apply to this design type.
  • Assembly of two different layouts so you can see the process and get some ideas for creating a page this way.

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