Big Changes…

Hey there, friends of Paperclipping. Izzy and I have important messages for both Paperclipping Members and for Roundtable listeners. You can listen to our announcement by clicking on the audio player below, or if you don’t want to go looking for your earbuds, you can read the announcements below the audio player.

I’ll get straight to the “what” of our announcements, and then tell you the “why” afterward.

Paperclipping Membership
You might have noticed that we switched the renewal period to just 6 months instead of a full year. The reason is that starting a year from now we will no longer be making new videos and the Paperclipping Membership will go away.

We are focusing now on making the final year of videos. We will make 24 more Paperclipping videos — 2 each month for the next 12 months until August 2017. Rest assured you will get every video you paid for.

Some of you have been members with us for years, some even from the very, very beginning. We are so thankful for all of you and that you’ve been a part of our lives as our children have grown up.

For the next 4-5 months people can purchase a new 6-month membership and Members can continue to renew for 6 months. After that it will no longer be possible to buy a membership. If you’ve been intending to sign up but just haven’t gotten around to it, you have a little more time before you no longer can. We expect we’ll stop selling new memberships around February.

All members will get all their videos until their memberships expire.

If your membership expires in February or later and you want to renew and stay a member until it’s completely ended, we’ll probably have a 3-month or month-by-month renewal option at that time. That way you can stick to the very end with us if you choose to.

I just want to emphasize that no matter when you got your membership, whether it was today, last month, or eight years ago, you will get all of the videos you have paid for. It is our top priority for Paperclipping and we thank all of you for being members.

Paperclipping Roundtable
I’m sorry to add to the message above that Izzy and I are also stopping our recording of the Paperclipping Roundtable. We didn’t know it at the time, but the last episode with Ali Edwards on mental health was our final episode.

The Paperclipping community, especially when it comes to the Roundtable and the intelligent insights you have shared, has been unique and truly special to us. It has been so much fun. We’ve loved so many inside jokes. I’ve always wanted to have deep discussions about scrapbooking but I never imagined we could get the level of depth that we have at times. You have been an amazing group of people to share with. If you feel sad that this era is ending, we understand.

The Why
Some of you will want to know why.

Many of you know I’ve struggled with chronic pain since junior high — pain through my entire upper body from my head to my hands. It has gotten worse over the years. The anxiety I discussed in our last episode is related.

I found years ago that I have to move physically in order to keep the pain to an amount that allows me to function, and dance classes have helped both my pain and my anxiety. But what’s made the biggest difference this past year is that I have been practicing yoga mostly daily. Yoga has changed my life and eased much of my chronic pain and anxiety.

As a result, I’ve become obsessed with it. In love with it. I’ve been aching to do more with it.

BUT…the decades of patterning (breathing patterning, muscle tension patterning, and postural patterning) that brought me my pain has led to problems with my nervous system. Basically my nerves are “sick.” Or injured. Whatever nerves become when they start screaming at you is what they are.

My nerves have caused me pain when sitting very long for at least 2 decades now, but starting this summer, sitting at all became almost impossible and I started having constant numbing and tingling in my face, my mouth, through my neck and upper back, and down my arms into my fingers, 24 hours a day.

I began seeing a specialist — one who I feel has performed miracles on me. I breath and feel like an entirely different person. But he told me that having a job that requires me to sit is killing me. My body, with its decades of patterning, needs to be moving. I think I’ve always known this inside but I needed an expert who could help me understand the full extent of that need.

Knowing I love yoga, he strongly advised me to consider becoming a yoga teacher.

The truth is, I’ve been quietly fantasizing about doing just that.

I’ve been running Paperclipping for a decade now. It’s been a gift and a joy. But emotionally — and definitely physically — I am ready for something different.

Izzy and I have been making some big life-changing plans as a result of this. I hope to share these changes and plans on Instagram. If you want to follow along and see what we do, please follow me on Instagram.

Later in the future I might also share some of the bigger stuff with those of you on my email list. If you don’t get my emails but would like future updates, please join my email list by adding your info in the upper right-hand column.

Izzy’s Memory-Keeping with Video Course
A lot of you expressed interest in this and Izzy is doing it!

If you would like to hear from Izzy when the course is ready, please CLICK THIS LINK and add yourself to his list of people to contact as it gets close.

After we are done making all the videos for the final year of the Paperclipping Membership, Izzy and I expect will we no longer make any new Paperclipping content. It’s hard to say that with such finality — this is a big deal for us to make this decision — so we want to leave with the door slightly ajar, just in case we change our minds.

We appreciate all of you. All of your comments. All of your support. Your love and encouragement was an important part of my healing when my Dad died last year and you were there for me. I could never thank you enough for that. We appreciate those of you who are Members and put your trust in us when you signed up for your membership.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all Members and Roundtable listeners. Thank you for your fun comments and thoughtful insights, for contributing to an amazing community of awesome people.

Thank you for helping to make our journey so rewarding. Best wishes to all of you.

Scrapbooking Stories About Your Mental Health Struggles

Finding Freedom - butterfly closeup.
Finding Freedom – butterfly closeup.

Last week Ali Edwards and I had a candid conversation about our personal struggles with mental health on the Paperclipping Roundtable. We both suffer from anxiety and mild depression and a few other issues. I also have ADD.

I mentioned some of my pages that deal both directly and indirectly with my own struggles: once in a while I specifically mention my illness or disorder and talk about them directly on a layout. A lot of the times I just scrapbook the stories that inevitably lead from these struggles, but don’t explain how they are a result of my disorder/illnesses.

I decided to share many of those pages with you this week. If our episode made you want try scrapbooking about your own struggles, but left you wondering how to actually say what you want to say about your own condition, these examples might get your thoughts moving.
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4×6 Photo Blocks – Paperclipping 294


Some things are worth repeating.

One of those things is this design idea:

When I have 2 or 3 photos that I’m scrapbooking on one layout, I almost always push them into a single block. Then I design my page around that block.

It’s an easy way to scrapbook, but for several design-related reasons, it can also make it easier for a viewer’s eye to take in the design and to stay on the page.

Of course, there are several design concepts you can use to make the design of this type of page work well. Today we released a video where I share the following:

  • The design benefits of a photo block of 2 or 3 photos.
  • Many of the design concepts and principles that apply to this design type.
  • Assembly of two different layouts so you can see the process and get some ideas for creating a page this way.

This video tutorial is for Paperclipping Members.
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Title Strategies – Paperclipping 290


Do you love adding titles, or hate it?

Is it hard for you, or easy?

Do your titles tend to vary from page to page, or do you typically design them the same way every time?

I love the process of making titles. It’s one of my favorite things about scrapbooking. I love seeing them on my pages, too, as I flip through my layouts. Well designed titles can be real attention-getters.


Titles can help lead your eye through the page, if you lay them that way.

In today’s episode of Paperclipping I share four strategies I love to use when laying out my titles. Not only will these strategies help you to capture viewers’ attention and to guide viewers through your pages, they’ll also help to prevent you from making pages that are too busy or titles that feel awkward in their space.

This video is in the Member’s Area and on iTunes for Paperclipping member access only.

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Five Strategies for Scrapbooking Big Stories – 289


Do you have any BIG stories you’ve procrastinated scrapbooking because the number of details, or smaller stories with the giant story, is intimidatingly high?

I definitely have a big story.

I lived in the Philippines for well over a year. I lived with Filipinas, so everything about about my life at that time was entirely foreign to me. The number of details I want to document and relive via scrapbooking is pretty massive. :)

On top of that, this was more than 20 years ago. I was not shooting many photos back then, so my photo-to memory-ratio is low.

Maybe you’ve had this problem as well. It’s typical of big, old stories — stories we can’t return to in order to shoot the important photos we missed at the time.

Maybe you’ve gone on an epic travel adventure. Maybe you lived somewhere far from where you are now and would like to memorialize it. Maybe you were once part of a cool project for several years and never scrapbooked it. Maybe you want to scrapbook the life of a parent or grandparent.


It can feel like there is so much thinking or planning to do for albums like this that you need to wait until that time when your life is wide open and you have nothing in the world to do for a few months.

Haha. That’ll never happen.

That’s okay. You actually do not need a massive, open chunk of time. You can take it in small bite-sized chunks. That is how I do all of my projects.

Little bits at a time.

A little bit is still something.

Today I’m sharing five strategies for tackling your biggest, most overwhelming stories in miniature bit-sized pieces (and dealing with a shortage of photos, too!). I demonstrated these strategies with my Philippines album (and documented a dozen or so different memories) in a video tutorial I’ve shared with the Paperclipping Members.

Since my Philippines story is one of my very favorite of all my own stories, I hope you’ll enjoy my memories with me!

If you’re not yet a member, please CLICK HERE for info about a membership.

What’s your big story?

Let’s talk about it.

What I learned from Ali Edwards’ A Week In the Life

Putting away some school supplies. The cleaners come the next morning so I spent some time doing laundry and picking up the house -- which was exactly what I was in the mood to do at this time.
Putting away some school supplies. The cleaners come the next morning so I spent some time doing laundry and picking up the house — which was exactly what I was in the mood to do at this time.

Have you been participating in A Week In the Life with Ali Edwards?

At the beginning of my lunch break on Tuesday (the second day) I got online and saw that she had started it so I grabbed my camera and decided to use it to motivate me to learn to take photos in this new house.

We’ve been here almost three years and I still had not found a photography routine here as of Tuesday morning.

I say, “as of Tuesday morning,” because by participating in the photo phase of A Week In the Life last week, I’m finally finding my way around this house with my camera. Every morning I started the day by looking at Ali’s photos, noticing how she aims or what she aims at, and then keeping that in mind as I went about my business.

So I want to share some of the things I learned from Ali along with several of my own photos.
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