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PRT203 – Binge Cutting

This week we’re talking about cutting ideas!

The Panelists

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Playing Inside the Pockets – Paperclipping 239

paperclipping 239

Do you play with pockets, or do you just slip things in them?

When it comes to Project Life and its pocketed pages, I mostly prefer to slip things in — to keep it simple.

But there are times I want to play more in those pockets, and there are times when the memorabilia, the colors, or the design demand more. Some items and spreads have extra special needs in order for the pages to be balanced and unified.

But I’m still going for simple when it comes to Project Life.

You, too?

So how can you have a little more excitement in those pockets, without making it as demanding as a traditional scrapbook page?

Here are some tips…

  • Focus your extra play mostly in one pocket, creating a “hierarchy” of pockets. Good design lets some parts of the design be more dominant and interesting than others.
  • Use scraps from your technique experimentation. Crop them down to 3×4 and stick them with your regular cards.
  • Use embossing make cards with dimensional texture. This will add a lot of visual interest without requiring much effort.
  • Add layers and extra pieces for the purpose of unifying the design (rather than for the sake of adding extra stuff). Do it to achieve balance or to move the eye across the page. When you do it for these purposes, you’ll do just enough to make the page complete, without doing more than necessary.

Want to see these in action?

I made a video that demonstrates all of these on a few different pages. Hopefully it’ll help you add a few additional extra touches while keeping it simple. Or if you tend to spend hours on your Project Life pages and wish you were faster, this might help you turn it down while maintaining a little bit of play.

The video is now in the Member’s Area and on iTunes. You must be a member to view it.

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PRT202 – Imperfect Scrapbooking

This week we’re talking about imperfect scrapbooking!

The Panelists

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Scrapbooking the Same Story Twice . . . By Accident.

En Pointe

Have you ever done it?

In all my scrapbooking since 1996, I may have done this once, but I don’t think so.

Until now…

39 En Pointe

I did the second page for the last video tutorial after having scrapbooked an enormous amount of pages recently for the Romantic Scrapbooking Course. I decided it was time that I put all these pages from the last six months away.

And that’s when I discovered the first layout!

I had chosen different photos and different products, but look how similar the layout is, the title, the positioning, the movement of items toward the photos, the embellishment, etc.

There is more to the story in the journaling the second time around. It’s a little weird to me to have the same story twice, but I’ll keep them both, and they’ll probably sit chronologically in my album about me, unless I ever get around doing an album story about my life of performing.

In that case, I’ll separate them and they’ll each play a role in telling my story in different ways.

My favorite? The top one, for sure.

Which do you like best?

Have you ever done this? What did you do about it?

Note: I have video tutorials showing the assembly of each of these pages:

  • Layout 1: Unity On the Page – Paperclipping 224
  • Layout 2: Make an Impact with Numbers – Paperclipping 238

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PRT201 – Scrapbooking Uni

This week we’re talking about scrapbooking the university experience!

The Panelists

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The Most Useful Scrapbooking Video of All Time

Enjoy this free bonus video!


Make An Impact with Numbers – Paperclipping 238

paperclipping 238

I don’t mean numbers, as in numerals.

I mean numbers, as in the number of items you use from the same package of products, like in the picture above.

Have you ever used a whole bunch of items from the same package, even though that was probably not the intention of the designer of the product?

Or does that sound kind of strange? I do it a lot.

Why You Should Pile an Entire Package of Embellishments on One Scrapbook Layout

Ok, I don’t ever use an entire package all at once. I do use a lot, and I have even used all but just a few. Here’s why…

  1. Designing a page is faster when all or most of your supplies come from a single package, rather than from various packages from all over the place.
  2. You can make a real visual impact by using a whole bunch of the same or similar items. There is power in numbers, not just in life, but in design as well. :)

You’ve heard of the design principle, repetition, right?

A powerful and easy way to achieve repetition in your design is to use a bunch of items from the same package.

Just be sure you do a few things while you’re at it…

  • Use variation for contrast.
  • Gather the items together.

Yes, I found them doing this (closeup)

Use variation for contrast

It will probably be boring if your items are all exactly the same. Make sure there is some sort of contrast between them – size, color, shape, etc. Or mix something else in if your package of items have no variation.

Gather the items together

You want to use the items to bring the eye to your focal point. Scattering them all over the page will not do that. In fact, scattering them (spacing them out) will not create the powerful impact I’ve been talking about either.

So be sure to gather them close together or overlapping. This way your gathering either acts as a stopping point for eye, or to lead the eye to something else, like a photo.

Both good things!

Are you ready to try it?

Link us up to your results in the comments area!

Not completely confident with the idea yet?

If you want some examples in action, I did a video that shows a whole bunch of different ways to do it.

I mean — a whole, whole bunch. :)

I also give lots of tips and guidance for what to keep in mind as you do it.

The video is now available in the Member’s Area and on iTunes, and Paperclipping members can go watch it now.

But you must be a member to watch.

Click here to learn about a membership!

Enjoy making a big impact with your supplies, and have fun paperclipping!

Shine On,

PRT200 – Birded Out

This week we’re talking different ways to use products!

The Panelists

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No Plan Scrapbooking – Paperclipping 237

paperclipping 237

Ever run out of time to scrapbook before you get to the actual scrapbooking part?

Maybe you spent the time looking for a sketch or a bit of inspiration to get your page design idea.

Maybe figuring out the photo sizes for a unique design, and then trying to remember how to get that unusual size to work with your printer, took up all your time.

Or maybe you had to pull out your next stack of pictures and shop for the perfect products to compliment them.

Before you knew it your time was up and the family was waiting for dinner.

Know what I’m talking about?

Some of us get a thrill out of planning, and if that is you, then I’m not suggesting you eliminate this prized part of the process. But if the planning stages of scrapbooking are keeping you from digging into the part of the hobby you really get joy from, I want to share how I’ve eliminated almost all planning from my scrapbooking.

I want to show you some methods you can use so you can jump right into the page!

Ready to dive in with me?

I scrapbooked two layouts on video, talking you through the process, and released it to the Paperclipping Members.

If you’re not yet a member, CLICK HERE to learn about a membership so you can get started right away!

If you’re a member, you’ll find your new video in the Member’s Area and on iTunes.


Shine On,

PRT199 – Finding a New Rail

This week we’re talking about keeping scrapbooking on rails!

The Panelists

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