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Four Fun Prompts to Kickstart Your Stories


Do you ever use prompts to kickstart your journaling, to come up with a story idea, or to inspire the way you’ll tell a story visually?

We talked about unique story-telling and journaling ideas on the Paperclipping Roundtable, and and the conversation included some of the pages I made from some great prompts by Debbie Hodge for her scrapbooking membership. I’m one of her guests for September’s Story Play membership topic and the prompts were challenging, but also inspiring and fun.

Here are Debbie’s prompts and the layouts I made. Would you like to give one of these a shot?

1. Write a 6-word biography or memoir to sum up your life.

This was the most challenging, but also my favorite prompt.

2. Represent meaning or known phrases with an image.

This prompt got me looking up common idioms, and when I found this one, it prompted me to document all the similarities Izzy and I share.

3. Create the sense of a ticking clock – or time passing – with your design.

I took Blake to his first university tour this summer. As he has entered his junior year, Izzy and I are very aware of that ticking clock. This story-telling device via design was perfect. The falling diagonal creates a sense of tension and movement to represent time passing too fast.

4. Use a graphing, or mapping, or infographic type tool to tell your story.

I chose to do a timeline for mine.

Masterful Scrapbook Design: Story Play

Story Play (for which I made these layouts) is still live. Debbie and I will conduct live office hours in October, and she’ll be interviewing me in November. Plus there is amazing content by Debbie and the rotating team of people that contribute. It’s all available with a Masterful Scrapbook Design Membership. Click here for info.

And one more bonus page I mentioned in the Paperclipping Roundtable…
The Crazy Week I Fell in Love

I made this page on video as part of my Romantic Scrapbooking Course. It uses Angie Lucas’s idea from her BPC Quizapalooza class of creating a table to tell your story. My table is a calendar that covers four days when Izzy and I were first starting to date.

Click here to learn about the Romantic Scrapbooking Course.

A story prompt can help you with your journaling, but it can also prompt your design to tell part of the story. Which of these story prompts are you most interested in doing?

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Kitting for Project Life and Other Pocket Page Scrapbooking


Remember those two super popular Paperclipping episodes on combining old stash with new stash to make your own new, awesome kits?

Would you like a video that focuses on making kits like this for Project Life and other Pocket Page scrapbooking?

What if it was in depth, approximately 30 minutes, showed the making of two pocket layouts using the new kits, and — what if it was free?

I created this exact video and next week I’ll be giving it away as a bonus to everyone who registers for True Scrap using my promotion link in the first four days!

I will email this promotion opportunity to you next week, so watch your email! (If you do not get emails from me, be sure to sign up for them in the box at the upper right).


CLICK HERE to learn about the amazing online True Scrap event coming up!

PRT220 – Lemonade and Massages

This week we’re talking about empty nest scrapbooking…

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Get Seriously Creative with Your Story Play


How creative is your story-telling? Want to try something new and different?

New and different is exactly what you’ll get in this class, Story Play. Starting tomorrow it will be a part of the Debbie Hodge’s Masterful Scrapbook Design membership. Debbie asked me to be one of the teachers for Story Play and her assignments are fabulous. They stretched me. I loved it!

Are you interested? We start tomorrow. There will be interviews and office hours with the teachers, in addition to the amazing story-related content and challenges.

Click here and choose Masterful Scrapbook Design to learn more!

When Your Story Falls Apart – Paperclipping 248

paperclipping 248

Not all stories end the way you expect.

Last year I started an album that was based on a story I expected to last for the next four years. My story fell apart around springtime.

It fell apart for me in a sad way, but it changed for the better for my daughter’s part of the story. I’m excited to document her evolving tale, but that leaves me with an album for the beginning of the old, dead-ended story, which only requires about seven pages, front and back. There are no “slim-sized” 12×12 albums to house just seven pages, so for the past week or so I’ve been exploring options for how to gracefully deal with the diversion our story has taken.

Have you experienced an unexpected change in your own story after you’d started scrapbooking it? What have you chosen to do with the pages that now might seem out of place?

I made a video to share the process I took, deciding what to do with mine. I went pretty in-depth, telling my story in the video as well. I hope you enjoy it.

This video is for Paperclipping Members, so if you’re not a member, CLICK HERE to get information about a membership!

Members will find the the video in the Member’s Area and on iTunes.

Our stories don’t always take us where we hoped, but where ever we find ourselves there will always be something else wonderful within our reach. Whatever our stories are, let’s embrace them.

Shine On,

PRT219 – Acrylic Block Behind It

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Ideas to Use Your 3×4 Project Life Cards – Paperclipping 247

paperclipping 247
Do you have more Project Life cards than you could ever manage to put into an album?

Or maybe you fell in love with a set and bought it, even though you don’t do Project Life. Either way, I’ve been hearing that a lot of scrapbookers are looking for ways to incorporate those cute cards into traditional pages. Here’s an idea…

Pull out three of the same card and line them up in various ways to create borders or anchoring lines.

I usually do a bit of cropping, depending on how I’m lining them up. It’s a great way to use repetition in your design while giving structure to the page.

I shared this and five other additional ways to use 3×4 cards on traditional scrapbooking layouts in this week’s episode of Paperclipping.

As a bonus I also shared some design tips for when you are using pocket pages and all you have are 3×4 photos, since those are the hardest pages to make look good, in my opinion.

You must be a Paperclipping Member to watch the video. (It’s in the Member’s Area and on iTunes now!).

CLICK HERE to learn about a membership. :)

Shine On,

PRT218 – Paper Chains

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